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1. What credit repair software do we integrate with ?

We currently support all software, as long as they use and NMI.

2. Do I need an or NMI account? And what is it ?

Yes, you will need or NMI, as it is needed to provide you with the following options

– Virtual Terminal Features (Single transaction)

– Recurring Billing options 

– API/Codes used within  your profile to help you integrate with your website and/or software

3. What is Chargebee? Do I need it?

If you currently use Credit Repair Cloud and would like to integrate your new merchant account with your software, you will need to use Chargebee. Please contact CRC for further integration questions about Chargebee.

4. What is the Reserve ?

The credit repair industry is considered
high risk, and as a result, we impose a reserve of 5%, which is far less
than the industry standard of 10%. This is to cover you as a merchant in case of chargebacks.

– The Reserve amount will be re-evaluated after 3-6 months

– If you process $3,000 with a 5% reserve,  we will hold $150.00 for 3-6 months As long as you keep the account in good status, we will have the option to release  it.

Some Happy Clients

"5 Star Processing has helped me manage my business, track my inventory, sales and reports, at the convenience of my finger tip."
Marrilee Y.
Sugar and Spice
"Being in the High Risk Business, 5 Star Processing was the only company that approved me. Thank you for coming through when I needed you."
Joaquin L
The CBD Shop