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Call Blocking Merchant Accounts

Telemarketers are known to berate people with calls on their products and many want out of it. If they can rely on your call-blocking device to resolve that concern for them by restricting these unwanted calls, then you’re in business. It’s important that your device can also block anonymous calls or maybe a specific area code. Some of these call-blocking devices are made with backlit ad special ports for connecting to your telephone line like a regular Caller ID. Learn here about Call Blocking Merchant Accounts.

Many companies selling call-blocking devices have a lot to gain from hiring a merchant account service. Whether your business is characterized as low- or high-risk, working with a reliable payment processing service is necessary to improve your operations.

If you are looking for getting a call broking merchant account, you should surely know about the 5-star processing.

5-Star Processing:

It is an experienced payment service provider company in the US. 5-star processing provides services related to PayPal merchants, high-risk merchant accounts, and so on. At 5-star processing, we are a cooperative team of experts who are working in the US for many years as payment service providers. The main purpose of this company is client satisfaction rather than earning profits like other companies. This company specializes in providing services related to call broking merchant accounts. If you are really looking for getting call-blocking account services, you can choose 5-star processing. By choosing 5-star processing, you will get services of call-blocking accounts is lower rates.

Call Blocking Merchant Accounts With 5-Star Processing:

5-star processing work with many payment processors across the globe. Payment processors cater to many businesses that include low and high-risk businesses. With the assistance of the global partnership with many payment processing companies, we can try to find out credit card processing solution for your call-blocking device business.

Call-blocking merchant accounts: To get a merchant account for the call-blocking device company, please contact us. We can begin the process of application. You can contact us using so many ways as we are available online at 5 Star Processing or if you are not tech-friendly, you can also be able to call us at our toll-free no +888-253-9692.  Also, you can email us, chat with us or call us on our online numbers. Once we get your application, the same will be forwarded to a domestic or offshore payment service provider.

An offshore merchant account can help you to process transactions in distinct currencies. Most of the offshore payment gateway providers are comfortable onboarding merchants from a few high-risk industries.

In addition to this, the approval time frame varies from 2 days to 7 days in most cases. As your application is activated, you can easily be able to integrate your website with the payment gateway of the service provider by using the API configuration.

To get quick approval, make sure that your website is on the basis of the requirements of the payment service provider. Moreover, you can ask us to audit the website. We will be happy to let you know what all improvements or modifications may assist you to get the best approval.

Eradicating Issues of a call blocking merchant account

It is quite common to call blocking service providers to experience chargebacks and transaction disputes. The topmost reason for that is the high likelihood of the client being not satisfied with the product. They may even request refunds if their phones still receive calls from unwanted or spam numbers. If they determine to call the cardholder and incur a chargeback, the merchant alone will be responsible to bear the cost.

One way to combat that is by setting up alerts to notify you in case of a transaction dispute like chargebacks. The business of selling call-blocking devices is regarded by financial institutions to be high-risk. This is because they only use outbound calling techniques in order to reach potential buyers. And the majority of these service providers do not provide any payment solution for these outbound call centers. This is also why many of them are reluctant to offer payment processing solutions to companies in the call-blocking industry.

Getting your website approved

If you’re selling the call-blocking device on your website, then the platform will have to be accessed by the underwriting team at the payment service providers. They review it alongside your submitted application.

our account may be approved once you meet the requirements of your chosen service provider. One common challenge that merchants face in the call-blocking device industry is the high rate of chargebacks. This is why your site has to display all your company’s terms and conditions. Call-blocking device manufacturing or selling companies are also using electronic payments now in several states. Many are regarding these e-payment systems as their most preferred methods.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

If your business requires an offshore account to handle the multiple currency exchanges, then your payment service set up the account for your company. You’ll find that many service providers that provide offshore payment gateways are motivated to work with companies from high-risk industries.

You can speed up your approval process by making sure all your business platform meet up with the requirements of the merchant account service you want to go for. Ensure to go with a service provider that specializes in covering companies in the call-blocking industry. If the need arises, your selected company should be able to switch you to an offshore account to deal with different types of currency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: What is Call Blocking?

Call blocking is a tool that is used by phone corporations to ignore illegal and unwanted calls from reaching your phone.

Q 2: What is a Call Blocking device?

Call blocker devices avoid unwanted nuisance like scam calls and robocalls from reaching your phone that includes a list of known problem telephone numbers and allow you to allow extra numbers to block.

Q 3: What are the reasons for call blocking?

Block your number to call back a number you do not recognizeu003cbr/u003eBlock your number to keep yourself off of call listsu003cbr/u003eBlock your number online to keep your phone out of the hands of hackers.

Q 4: What is the main benefit of using a Call Blocking Account?

With the assistance of the call-blocking account, you can protect your privacy by not displaying your number to the people you call which is the main benefit of using the call-blocking merchant account.

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