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Mobile Payment Solutions for Towing Companies

Mobile Payment Solutions for Towing Companies

Sometimes, running a towing company proves more strenuous than other occupations, from getting the right equipment to ensuring they’re always in working condition. Unlike other professions that don’t take to the streets, receiving payments may also be a hassle. So, are you looking for mobile payment solutions for towing companies to make the payment process more accessible to you and your customers?  

At 5-Star Processing in Elk Grove, CA, payment versatility is any business owner’s best friend. Not only does it create more convenience for customers, but it also better guarantees you’ll receive payments in a timely manner. We offer a wide range of processing services, but before delving into them, let’s discuss why mobile payment solutions are crucial for your towing business.

Why the Rise of Mobile Payments in the Towing Industry?

If you work in towing, you understand the unpredictability of the position. From emergency calls in the morning hours when someone’s car breaks down to towing services needed miles from your garage, calls can come in at any time, from any place. While you may have a payment system set up in your store, it won’t do much good when you’re out on the road.

Therefore, you need a flexible and reliable system that allows you to charge a customer and take an electronic payment for towing. Other reasons you should consider switching to cashless towing services when working remotely include the following.

Reducing Delayed Funds

Once you complete a job, the last thing you want is to wait for a payment to process, which could take hours or even days to complete. Anything can cause delayed funds, from global events and natural disasters to weekends and national holidays. The right point of sales system provides speedy access to your hard-earned money so you can care for company expenses and other factors without delay.

Saving You From Fees

Credit card payments may leave you with transaction fees you could do without, especially if your customers input the information in the keyed card manner since banks consider these a higher fraudulent risk. Since each towing job cost varies, so do the costs, meaning these fees can severely cut into your profits in some cases. What’s more, POS systems:

  • Have a minimal margin of error, which provides you with more accuracy on taxes, so you can reap more savings and lower your tax costs
  • Prevent you from having to hire a professional bookkeeper or accountant, keeping more of your own money in your pocket while still receiving high-end assistance
  • Security Concerns

    POS systems make any credit card payment for towing safer by introducing whitelisting-specific technology. For instance, it uses code-signing and chip readers (which makes card replications more difficult than card swiping). You could also further improve these mobile payment solutions for towing companies by installing end-to-end encryption, employee lockdown practices, and Antivirus software.

    With top-notch security, not only do you protect your and your customers’ financial and other personal information from hackers and other thefts, but you also protect your company's name and reputation.

    How to Choose the Best POS System for You

    Portable Versus Centralized

    POS systems come in two forms: portable and centralized. While physical stores that have most or all of their business take place at one specific location may prefer the centralized payment center set up with a register, your towing company would benefit best from a portable mobile card reader. By accepting mobile payments, you have a reliable solution that provides seamless transactions in different locations. 

    Payment Processors

    Depending on the payment types you’re willing to receive, this can affect the POS system you choose since you want it to be compatible. Like all other businesses that accept credit cards, you should also consider the types of credit card payments according to fees. 

    Although POS systems create competitive rates by safeguarding profit margins, some credit cards have a higher processing fee. For instance, American Express charges between 1.43% and 3.3% plus an additional $0.10 for each transaction, while MasterCard charges 1.15% to 2.5% plus $0.05 to $0.10 per transaction.

    Digital Versus Printed Receipts

    Since we’re living in a digital age where most customers prefer for companies to email them a digital copy of their receipts to save paper, you may want to opt for a printerless POS system. However, some customers prefer the old-fashioned printed receipt, especially if they’re not tech-savvy, so spending the extra cash on a POS system would prove more versatile, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

    Contact Versus Contact-Less Payments

    While some POS systems provide chip, swipe, and keyed card contact payment methods for credit cards, contactless payments have increased in popularity by 30% within the last year. Therefore, to meet the needs of modern customers, enhance future and present transactions by installing a POS system that takes Apple Pay, Google Pay, or some other form of contactless payment.

    Some of Our Top POS Systems

    Clover is one of the top POS systems we offer that offers versatility, from touchscreens to contactless payments, from centralized registers and cash dispensers to mobile systems. However, we also offer the following terminals:

    Five-Star Processing Is in Our Name!

    Despite your business size, cashless towing services with POS systems are the key to the fast and regular payments your company depends on. 

    At 5-Star Processing, we carry the top processing service of different varieties, so you can customize yours to suit your needs. To learn more about towing management software, GPS and fleet management, and mobile payment solutions for towing companies, call 888-253-9692!