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Payment Processing Services for Veterinary Practices

Payment Processing Services for Veterinary Practices

One thing most veterinary practices don’t consider when starting their business is the cost of collecting payments. You’re likely spending thousands of dollars every month processing payments from your customers. 

Owners of veterinary clinics or managers need to continually find ways to optimize their operations, which means lowering costs wherever possible without compromising the quality of your service.

Our 5-star veterinary payment processing solutions make it easy for you to manage your cash flows and maximize revenue from every appointment.

Credit Card Processing Costs the Average Vet Practice $43,000 a Year

TeleVet, one of the leading veterinary software providers, researched how much vets spend on payment processing and found that the average expense of a 2-DVM practice is $43,000 annually. That’s an entire salary wasted on processing card payments.

The average processing fee for a veterinary clinic is 3.5%, and the rates can be higher depending on the type of card someone pays with. The merchant fee is also affected by whether or not a card was present during the transaction. “Card Not Present” transactions come with higher processing rates.

What constitutes a “Card Not Present” transaction? Online orders, like pet pharmacy prescriptions, and curbside pick-up orders fall under this category. Since these types of services have become more common among veterinary practices in recent years, clinics are also facing much higher processing fees.

For a practice that sees more business through these services, they may lose a large portion of additional revenue these conveniences generate. This is why finding the right payment processor is crucial. You can maintain a competitive edge by offering services your customers love while still saving money on payment processing.

5-Star Processing Makes Patient Payments Painless

Veterinary practices rely on specialized software to make managing their clinics easy. Practice Management Software (PMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to manage accounts, send invoices, and log payment records. Some may come with a payment processor while others require separate software to have complete functionality.

Our goal is to simplify payment processing for veterinary practices by offering a streamlined, straightforward service. We cover the most essential aspects of payment processing, such as credit card verification and data protection, while lowering your overall cost of ownership.

Take a look at some of the top reasons vets love working with us.

Competitive Transaction Fees

With high processing fees, your veterinary practice loses thousands of dollars a year. Minimize losses and maximize income with our competitive processing rates. With lower transaction fees across all payment providers, you can retain a higher profit margin and invest more funds back into your practice.

Quick Payouts

With some veterinary payment processing software, slow payouts can result in lost revenue and slow cash flows that negatively impact your business operations. Avoid wasting time and money waiting for payouts by trusting our rapid processing services.

Easy-to-Use Software

We’ve made the 5-Star Payment Processing software extremely user-friendly. The design allows for veterinary practices to easily integrate the software into their workflows without leading to disruptions and lower customer satisfaction.

You can easily onboard your veterinary receptionists and office staff, ensuring everyone remains up-to-date with client financial records. This can also reduce the risk of billing errors that cost your business more money.

Compatibility With the World’s Top Payment Providers

You can improve your customer experience by offering a wide range of payment processing options to all of your clients. Contactless pay has risen in popularity, and more customers are eager to work with modern veterinary practices that accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

We provide point-of-sale systems and payment processing software that accepts payments from all major providers, including:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Apple Pay
  • JCB
  • eCheck

Our services ensure that your practice can accept payments from a wider range of customers, giving you the opportunity to expand your practice and care for more animals.

Comprehensive Security

Security is crucial for any business, and you can feel confident knowing that 5-Star Processing’s payment processing services use data encryption to keep your transactions secure.

Why Your Veterinary Practice Should Choose 5-Star Payment Processing

At 5-Star Processing, we make payment processing for veterinary practices easy and straightforward. Our services are optimized for your business and tailored to your needs.

Your current software may handle payment processing, but you might feel like you’re forced to accept high transaction fees for the sake of convenience. Switching to a new payment processor is hard, and you may worry that adopting a new payment processor could slow down your busy practice and jeopardize your business

But what happens when you run into a problem with your current payment processor? You likely find yourself sending emails that get stock answers and waiting for hours on the phone to talk to someone who doesn’t even know how to solve your issue.

5-Star Processing is always there for you. We’re available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and offer dedicated support to every client who needs our help. We don’t see you as “just another customer.” You deserve our time, attention, and assistance whenever you need it.

Financial Experts on Your Side

You can contact 5-Star Processing anytime you have questions about our payment processing solutions. If you pair your payment processing with additional services, such as our business credit building or reporting services, then you’ll get regular reports about your business to ensure you always have accurate financial information.

Get Started Today

Learn more about our payment processing solutions today! If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. Schedule a free consultation call with a 5-Star Processing advisor to discuss your options. 

You can send us a message or give us a call at +1 888-253-9692 to connect. 

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