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Mobile Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Make your business transactions effortless, and ensure a seamless customer experience with mobile credit card processing through 5 Star. Our services help businesses like yours elevate their sales procedures, guiding every customer to close with fast, secure, and convenient mobile payment options.

Manage Business Finances Through Your Phone

Smartphones are more than accessories today — they’re major business assets that allow us to manage our businesses with greater flexibility, accessibility, and convenience than ever before. 

Our mobile-first solutions allow you to manage your small business finances on the go, using your smartphone as your center of operations. At vendor events that take you away from your usual business location, then a mobile credit card processor allows you to verify and accept payments without cumbersome bookkeeping or heightened risks of fraud.

For those with a mobile-only business, then credit card processing optimized for mobile devices will keep your financial transactions secure and ensure you are only accepting valid, verified cards. 

You may also consider adopting a hybrid approach that combines a post-of-sale system with mobile credit card processing to minimize non-qualified transactions that cost your business money. 

We want to help every business owner succeed, and part of that is allowing them to leverage the technology they already have access to. Mobile payment processing eliminates the need for an expensive POS system, granting you the ability to serve all of your customers with the tap of a few buttons.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Phone

With our mobile credit card processing solutions, you can start managing your business’s purchase transactions through the world’s most trusted payment processing providers.

We’ve made the process easy in just five simple steps:

With our mobile-driven software, you can enjoy cash-free transactions and easily process credit card payments as a small business owner. 

There’s also the added benefit of safety. Employees will not have to manage cash or take checks to the bank, which can reduce their risk of being robbed. Businesses that opt for a mobile payment system can also minimize the risk of employee theft, too. Because there is no physical cash to manage, you never have to worry about counting registers and accounting for every transaction. 

Customers can sign and receive receipts instantly from your phone, meaning that you are able to provide on-demand payments and excellent customer service no matter where you operate.

Bank With the World’s Leading Payment Providers

At 5 Star Processing, we understand the importance of delivering the best service to our clients. By accepting all major credit cards and forms of payment, your business reputation increases and customers see you as more trustworthy.

Our mobile credit card processing is compatible with:

Regardless of the card brand, we ensure that you will be able to provide your customers with a reliable, secure payment processing service. This creates a more positive sales experience, boosting customer satisfaction and lasting loyalty.

Make Money Wherever You Go

Thanks to the integration of a mobile credit card processor, you can use your smartphone as a portable cash register. All you need to do is pair it with a credit card reader for Android or Apple, so you can start processing payments for sales you make on the go.

Processing credit cards on your phone is a great way to operate efficiently outside of a traditional business space. If you set up shop at markets, fairs, or even take your business to conferences and trade shows, mobile credit card readers and payment processing ensure you can generate revenue and track your financial growth everywhere.

Tailored Payment Processing for All Your Needs

We aim to deliver personalized mobile credit card processing services to small businesses in a variety of high-risk industries. Through dedicated customer support and educational resources, we ensure you have all the information you need to deliver outstanding service through our systems. 

And when it comes to cost, we aim to keep our services as accessible as possible.  

Our competitive pricing solutions allow us to provide greater support to businesses that may be traditionally isolated from more expensive payment processing providers. If you have questions about our services or how we can help you, please contact us today.