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Can you benefit from international merchant accounts?


Does your business serve customers all over the world?

If so, then you need to be able to process international credit, debit, and prepaid cards in your store. Having one or several international merchant accounts can help you do just that. Read to find out how your business can benefit by opening an international merchant account.

international merchant accounts

The advantages of going global

54% of US digital shoppers have reported buying online from non-American e-commerce stores. And if you have a US-based business tapping into overseas markets, the stats are equally encouraging: at least 35% of global consumers make purchases in online stores outside of their home countries.
E-commerce has done a lot to increase cross-border shopping, and business opportunities are only growing. Looking into international merchant accounts can help your business take full advantage of these opportunities.

Not having any international merchant accounts can cost you

Any expansion opportunity presents a unique set of problems that also need to be solved. Doing business internationally is no exception. Domestic solutions will usually suffice when it comes to handling domestic credit and debit cards, but will not always be up for the job when you start accepting payments from abroad.
As more new credit cards are introduced in almost every country of the world, having a domestic merchant account can lead to problems with declining international payment cards. Similarly, processing those international payment cards can be more expensive than domestically issued ones, and the cost can vary by card or by country – meaning that it’s hard for you to predict this variable expense and calculate it into your prices.
Both you and your customers might also be unpleasantly surprised by unexpected currency conversion costs, be it through extra fees or unfavorable currency rates. For the customer, it can mean that purchase costs more than expected, and they’ll never do business with you again (or worse yet, they issue a chargeback). For your business, it means the opposite – the revenue coming in may be less than expected. You can solve these problems by employing cost-effective international merchant services.

5 Star Processing introduces low-cost international merchant accounts

By opening an international merchant account with a provider of international merchant services, you don’t only open your business up to more opportunities – you ensure a stable revenue and cash flow. With 5-Star Processing, you can open an international high-risk merchant account that will be able to handle fast revenue growth and a high chargeback ratio.
Don’t need a high-risk account for your business? No problem, we do low-risk accounts, too. Whatever your needs are, we can consult you on the best solutions for your business. And if you choose one of your international merchant accounts, you will get lower fees than anywhere else.

international merchant accounts

Call today for the best rates in the industry

Our team is ready to consult you on what type of merchant account would suit you best, and help you start an application. We have a fast approval process, so you can start processing international payments without the hassle in a matter of days.
Contact us by sending an email to us at [email protected] or fill out a form here on our website 5 Star Processing – and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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