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Do I Need a Paypal Account to Sell on eBay?


Many people ask this question” do I need a Paypal business account to sell on eBay” and never get an answer to it; turns out it’s a belief or somewhat a myth that eBay and Paypal seem to be conjoined twins. The reason why this seems so is that eBay thinks with Paypal, they will improve and achieve growth in their firm, so they make Paypal their significant means of payment.

  • The good news is you don’t need a Paypal account to sell anything on eBay.
  • Several other alternatives could work apart from Paypal.

Do you need a PayPal account to sell on eBay?

Assuming you’re hoping to make some speedy money selling your stuff since, indeed, you have a lot of stuff and insufficient money, you’ll see that as beginning peddling your things on eBay is surprisingly fast and simple.

It’s similarly quick and easy to get compensated for the things you’ve recorded assuming that you have a PayPal account that you can connect to your eBay account. That is on the grounds that for over 10 years eBay and PayPal were one business until they split into discrete organizations in 2015.

The division of the two organizations implies merchants on eBay, stringently talking, aren’t expected to have a PayPal record to finish exchanges. All things considered, it’s an alternate matter. In light of the long and close relationship between the two organizations, it’s significantly more convoluted and tedious to utilize any of the options in contrast to PayPal while handling installments on eBay.

Below Are Five Other Payment Methods Apart From Paypal, Accepted By eBay

1. Skrill:

Skrill is an e-payment platform, just like Paypal.

  • It conducts and operates online payment for e-commerce websites and is entirely accepted by eBay.
  • It’s an e-commerce business that payments and online transfers with an emphasis on lower cost.
  • Skrill was established in 2001 (formerly Moneybookers) with its founders, Daniel Klein and Benjamin Kullman.

2. Paymate and ProPay:

  • Paymate and ProPay are payment platforms also accepted on eBay.
  • eBay explicitly states that these two have the same benefits as Skrill.
  • Their payment operations are immediate and traceable; their payments can also be made on eBay without registering.
  • But both Skrill, Paymate, and Propay were retired by eBay in 2015 to increase the use of Paypal.

3. Escrow:

  • This payment platform works quite differently from the others.
  • Escrow runs a contractual agreement in which a third party receives and disburses money for transacting parties.
  • To make this simpler, what happens is the buyer’s payment is held by an escrow service until the good meant to be purchased is received and approved.
  • eBay recommended that escrow should be used especially for costly goods as it guarantees the security of the goods to a larger extent and also avoids fraud.
  • Escrow is used majorly for goods that exceed 500 dollars.

4. Pay on Pickup:

Pay on pickup is also an alternative to using Paypal as you get to meet your buyer or seller before payment is made. This is probably the best way to avoid fraud because this allows the buyer to inspect what he or she is buying and also gives the seller to get paid right on the spot and also removes shipping costs from the equation. Once the buyer picks up the goods, he can choose to make any payment accepted by the seller, which could be a check, transfer, credit card, etc.

5. Merchant credit card:

This payment method requires an online merchant account to be completed. If the seller owns a merchant account that supports credit or debit card payment(usually does), then the payment can be made there.

Final Thoughts:

This contains other payment methods that have to do with wire transfers, checks, and money orders. These payment methods are usually invalid but are allowed for items in an auction like cars, real estate, and business equipment. Well, I hope you’ve been enlightened. So for the record, Paypal isn’t the only means of payment on eBay. So if you want to sell on eBay and you don’t have a Paypal account, don’t worry, you can try out any of these methods.

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