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What Are The Advantages Of Using High-Risk Credit Card Processing?

Numerous factors can make merchant High Risk Credit Card Processing less secure than what’s considered “normal.” If we drill down, however, we see that the essential danger is the increased risk presented by chargebacks. It very well be because of the type of item or service being sold, or the average dollar amount for month-to-month sales. It could likewise be the regions or nations in which you carry on with work. Any of these factors could make you more susceptible to fraud or abuse, as well as chargebacks resulting from that activity.

As a merchant, you will, at last, take care of chargebacks. In any case, processors and banks have risks, as well. The normal chargeback will cost your bank $26 per incident because of processing expenses and charges assessed by the card networks. This adds up over time; banks and processors could be available to millions of dollars in potential losses every year. Entities that offer High Risk Credit Card Processing will face that additional risk. They will allow you more than a bank or processor would commonly permit.

Advantages of High Risk Credit Card Processing

We’re not saying that High Risk Credit Card Processing is desirable, essentially. Becoming a high-risk merchant ought not to be a business goal or anything. What we are talking about, is that conducting payments with the assistance of a high-risk processor can be a suitable way ahead. At times, this might be a highly productive choice. That is the reason numerous eCommerce merchants lean toward it over conventional payment processing.

How about we take a look at a portion of the advantages of working with High Risk Credit Card Processing organizations. This will provide you with a superior impression of what’s in store.

1. Worldwide Expansion

Standard processors can restrain or restrict merchants from transacting in different multiple currencies. They may likewise confine you from selling to customers beyond regions like the United States or Western Europe. The earning potential tied to international sales can make High Risk Credit Card Processing appear to be seriously appealing.

2. Billing Flexibility

Processors can limit the amount of revenue standard merchants generate via subscription billing. They can likewise draw certain lines on the kinds of items or restrict high-ticket sales. In contrast, high-risk processors can consider expanded flexibility in billing practices.

3. More Business Types

There is an extensive list of items and services that credit card networks consider excessively unsafe for standard merchants. Many travels, telemarketing, gaming, tobacco, and pharmacy organizations will be prevented from working with a traditional credit card processor. With a high risk merchant account, you can sell items in pretty much any merchant category code (MCC).

4. Higher Chargeback Threshold

Standard merchants should keep their chargeback issuances inside a narrow, acceptable reach. If not, they could lose their ability to process payments and can end up on the MATCH list. Merchants who utilize a high-risk processor can frequently keep a higher chargeback ratio without risking the loss of their processing. This can be appealing to merchants who have a higher-than-average chargeback liability.


Chargebacks are at the core of High Risk Credit Card Processing. You will be unable to prevent each dispute… yet there are steps you can take to manage risk and keep a greater amount of your cash. Is it true or not that you are pursuing High Risk Credit Card Processing by choice? Or on the other hand, have you been limited by a MATCH List placement? Regardless: 5 Star Processing can help. Figure out the amount you could save today.

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