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High Risk merchant account for ecommerce

High-risk ecommerce merchant account: Get supporting solutions via5 start processing for your industry: With the help of a payment processor like 5 star processing, high-risk industries can accurately process their payouts for high-risk merchant accounts for ecommerce. You can enhance your industry with high-risk solutions. Once you get in touch with the experts, you can get a great amenity within a short time. Having an eCommerce industry or a related industry can give you the opportunity to try out new markets. Our solution to card payment processing, especially eCommerce credit card processing, will enable you to move forward smoothly.

Looking for high-risk merchant account for ecommerce

Would you like to process payments securely for your online business?  You’ve come to the right place.  We provide high volume and high-risk merchants with eCommerce credit card processing. Whether you’re looking for more processing capacity for your business or you’re in a high-risk industry, we can help you.

  • Offers low rates. Get a free rate comparison from us now.
  • Approvals are fast. Increase sales by speeding up the time to market.
  • Gateway that is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant. Ensure the safety of your customers and your business. Compliant eCommerce payments are made possible through advanced technology and military-grade security.
  • A large network of banks. Obtain a merchant account for eCommerce. If you wish to mitigate processing risk, you can establish multiple eCommerce payment accounts.
  • Weapons for fighting fraud. Orders that are good should be accepted quickly.  Bad ones should be declined.  Keep a record of questionable transactions for review.
  • Tools for chargeback protection.  It is possible to prevent chargebacks before they happen by using chargeback warning services.  Mitigate chargebacks so you can win them.
  • A serious approach to customer service.  Whenever you need help, we’re here to help. Our representatives are highly trained and dedicated to helping you succeed.

What is Included in Your Ecommerce Merchant Account?

Merchant accounts for eCommerce have two parts.  As a merchant, you will be able to accept debit and credit cards and other payment methods through your merchant account with the acquiring bank.  Second, online payments are submitted to the banks through the secure eCommerce payment gateway.

The following features are included in all eCommerce merchant accounts:

  • Card brands of all majors are accepted. Pay with debit or credit cards via eCommerce. 
  • Ecommerce Payment Gateway with PCI-DSS Level 1. A high level of security is ensured for eCommerce payments thanks to advanced technology.  Data confidentiality and data breach prevention are ensured by SSL encryption and military-grade security.
  • Terminals that are virtual. Receive mail, faxes, and mail orders (MOTO) securely.  A standard feature on every account is unlimited virtual terminals.  
  • Weapons for fighting fraud. A comprehensive fraud filter enables quick approval of good orders and rejection of fraudulent ones.  Adapt fraud protection features to your business needs.
  • Mitigation and protection against chargebacks. Keeping chargebacks from occurring is possible with chargeback protection.  You can fight chargebacks you can win with chargeback mitigation services.
  • Customer service of the highest quality. The highest level of customer service is provided by highly trained representatives.  Whenever you need help, get it. 
  • Cloud reporting that is robust. Reports can be accessed in any format.  Adapt to your needs. 
  • The CRM system, the shopping cart system, and the accounting system. Many CRMs, shopping carts, and accounting systems are already integrated with the online payment gateway.  Sharing eCommerce payment data is easy. Increase productivity while streamlining business operations.

What You Need to Know to Apply for an Ecommerce Merchant Account

The process of applying for an eCommerce merchant account is straightforward.  Your company’s application and supporting documentation must be submitted. You are never obligated to pay anything if you apply.  It takes 1-3 days for ecommerce merchants to be approved. 

Documents for business formation include a Copy of the color ID of the account signer, bank statements, processing history, and voided check from the depository account.

Good personal credit is helpful when signing up for an eCommerce merchant account.  The best way to get an account approved if you have bad credit is to add a co-signer who has good credit. 

Special Ecommerce Payment Solutions

There are different processing requirements for merchants with high volumes and high risks than for merchants with low volumes and standard risks.  In order to operate and grow their business, high-volume merchants require processing capacity.  Acquiring banks that accept high-risk businesses must be accessible to high-risk merchants.

5 star processing gives you:

  • Multiple e-commerce merchant accounts. 
  • Processing of credit cards for US e-commerce. 
  • Merchant accounts for international e-commerce.
  • Gateway for e-commerce payments.  
  • Accounts for multiple ecommerce merchants. 
  • Payments in multiple currencies. 
  • Methods of alternative payment. 



Our domestic and international banks provide you with proven eCommerce payment solutions.


Your business can grow with high-capacity processing.


Boost sales by adding checks, ACH, and local payment methods.


Your success is our top priority.

Our mission is to ensure your success

The power of payments is the power of profits. We specialize in high volume and high-risk merchant services at 5-star processing. With over 18 years of experience, the company has successfully processed payments for thousands of businesses throughout the US and internationally.

 Accept card payments securely. Add payment options that will increase orders and sales. Reduce risk and increase profits with specialized processing solutions. Dedicated to your complete satisfaction, we offer you top-notch service, support, and dedication. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation at any time. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied. 

Invest in a high-risk account to gain supportive ways

If You can get a high-risk account if you are a merchant. High-risk accounts allow your industry to flourish efficiently without any problems. Your company can avoid all kinds of harmful challenges. You can maintain the permanence of your dealings through this process.

Choose an offshore account with 5-star processing

With the 5-star processing solution, you can easily provide an offshore account. You can fill out our online form and we will get back to you with possible options without any delay. In addition, they will request your vital credentials, which they will verify once they receive them. A confirmation will be sent to the acquiring bank after that. An international account is offered within 10 days after the acquiring bank completes the verification process. As a result, international solutions are useful for merchants looking for new markets. This is why merchants look for a solution that offers eCommerce Credit Card Processing and Payment Gateway Processes.

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