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Merchant Account For Dating Sites

If you’re about to launch an online dating site, or already have one, then you have probably already found out that processing credit card payments from your customers is not as easy as setting up a PayPal account. Read on to find out what the problem is and how you can find a merchant account for dating sites today.

merchant account for dating sites

Why does Merchant Account Seem Risky For Dating Sites?

While online dating remains a huge and still growing industry, it is a high-risk industry for both traditional banks and other merchant account service providers.

There are many reasons for the unfortunate high-risk status. Over the years, it has attracted many scam artists – both as customers who scam other online dating users and as actual online dating businesses that charge people money for a non-existing service.

The amount of these issues even results in Facebook aren’t allowing online dating businesses to advertise through its Ad Network without being very thoroughly vetted first, and even then it’s still easy to get shut down. Similar problems abound when you try to find a merchant account for dating sites.

How do Merchant Account Process Payments For Dating Sites?

To get a merchant account for an online dating site, you need to go to a high-risk merchant account provider. This is a type of payment solutions provider that specializes in high-risk industries like dating. It can offer solutions at reasonable rates. This is very different from fighting an uphill struggle with a traditional bank for getting approval.

This will be before finally finding out that they’ll charge you such high fees. Hence, your dating site has no chance of turning a profit for you. A high-risk merchant account provider will set you up with a reliable online payment gateway. That will not just process online dating credit card payments but will also provide you with a stable service. This is even if you encounter a high amount of chargebacks from online dating customers.

How do 5 Star Processing Provide Merchant Account For Dating Sites?

5 Star Processing can help you set up a merchant account for a dating site. We already work with many high-risk industry businesses, including businesses in the online dating space. With an online dating merchant account from 5 Star Processing, you will get a far more personable level of service. This service is being rendered with any of the big payment gateway providers.

Furthermore, you can always reach us by phone or email and get direct customer support 5 Star Processing can also guarantee you to give the lowest credit card processing fees for your online dating site. This way, you can safely scale your business and stay profitable both in the short and in long run.

merchant account for dating sites

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about having a merchant account for a dating site. Contact us today or send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll help you get better information about your options so that you can start processing online payments as soon as possible.


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