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Merchant account for plumbers

If you have broken pipes or plumbing fixtures, then you are probably going to call your local plumber. Plumbers are essential for people because they can install, fix, and maintain integral fixtures and piping systems inside any home or business. Plumbers’ aide in cleaning drains, removing obstructions, and repairing/replacing broken pipes. They also help Merchant account for plumbers with the installation of water heaters, dishwashers, and other appliances. 

Chances are, being a plumber, you stay constantly booked and on the go and that’s why it’s important you have a payment processor that can be on the move as much as you are. You are already spending a lot of time fixing everyone else’s problem so worrying about accepting payments should be the least of your concerns. When it comes to accepting payments ease and flexibility should be top priorities to help keep your business running smoothly. Whether you are taking payments from a tablet, phone, or call into your home office you want to ensure that your process is as seamless as possible.

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Fortunately, 5 Star Processing is the leading industry expert when it comes to helping the plumbing industry with its payment processing needs.  We provide mobile solutions and an array of different options to help you take payments anytime, anywhere. Here are some benefits you get when you partner with 5 Star Processing.

  • Accept multiple forms of payment such as credit, debit, electronic check, and more
  • Portable wireless terminals and mobile payment capability to take payments anywhere inside or outside your business
  • Access to low rates and reserves
  • Online payment gateway so you can accept payments through your website. A great option for e-commerce businesses
  • Integration support with your existing setup.
  • PCI compliance support to ensure you are staying compliant with card payments and protecting your business from fraud.
  • Access to Business Credit Building through our Perks Program and an amazing referral program
  • Exceptional 5 Star Customer Service
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At 5 Star Processing, you do not have to stress over the process of setting up your merchant account. We will guide your Merchant account for plumbers through every step and update you on any changes. This will allow you to stay focused on the things that matter most regarding your business. There are enough challenges already that come with owning a small business, your payment processing shouldn’t be one of them.

As a business owner, your only focus should provide an excellent customer experience. Let 5 Star Processing take care of the rest.  If you are ready to get started, then reach out to one of our amazing team members today at 888-253-9692 or [email protected] and let us help you get started with setting up your merchant account.

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