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Why Should Business Owners Use Net 30 Accounts?

It can be confusing for small business owners who are considering “establishing business credit” via a Net 30 approach, queries come to mind like – “where to start” and, most of all – why you should even use Net 30 Accounts for business credit.

Let’s Cover the Functional Reasons

  • Streamline business accounting – Having 30 days to pay an unpaid invoice can give your business time to process goods and oversee workflows. This allows you to confirm the quantity and quality of your orders if you are a product-based business – in addition to having your bookkeeping team verify and reconcile monthly purchases.
  • Oversee cash flow schedules – Depending on the intricacy of your business, you may have peaks and valleys in cash flow every month due to typical sales tempos, untimely payment processing, and subsequent accounts receivable. Having a Net 30 allows you to continue business throughout without pause or stumble.
  • Purchase items to create your product – If you have a track record of generating and selling your product promptly, Net 30 may permit you to pay for materials after closing your sales, so that the rest is profit.
  • Evaluate your business’s budget month-to-month – So expenses like business office supplies, software, utilities, or consulting services can fluctuate each month. Make budgeting simpler by knowing how much you’ll be paying suppliers or vendors 30 days ahead of time.

Here are a Few Tactical Reasons

  • Create business credit to apply for future leases and business loans. Either leases or loans typically require credit checks. If you’re a brand-new business, opening at least 5 Net 30 Accounts can establish the credit you need.
  • Establish business credit without running up debt and interest payments. Net 30 accounts can positively impact your business credit all without requiring you to pay interest. Additionally, because you’re making business purchases you are paying in full within 30 days, it is close to improbable you will gather debt you can’t afford to pay off.
  • Develop business credit as a brand-new business. Unlike other lines of business credit, getting Net 30 Accounts is pretty simple and the approval ratio is high. So vendors normally give you a modest starter line of credit and increase it as you continue to make purchases.

Who Offers Net 30 Accounts?

Merchants or Vendors offering B2B (business-to-business) products and services, similar to:

  • Office Supplies
  • Printing and labeling services
  • Accounting or Bookkeeping
  • Creative businesses
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail products
  • 5Star Processing

Apply To the Appropriate Vendors

To build and establish business credit, apply to vendors who consistently report to one of the three main business credit reporting agencies: Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Small Business, and Experian Commercial. It is important to ensure those who offer Net30 options report, as it is reported over 500,000 vendors sell in the marketplace, but less than 11,000 report to agencies.

Top Two Tips for Using Net 30 Accounts

  • Ensure you have the cash flow to cover the purchases. Getting back to our utility example, let’s say you need to pay your electricity or natural gas bill. So think of Net 30 Accounts for business credit in the same manner. Resist buying unless you know you’ll be able to pay the invoice in 30 days.
  • Pay what is outstanding as quickly as possible. Try not to take the full 30 days to pay the vendor. Pay your Net 30 invoices as soon as you can to avoid holding onto debt. Therefore in some instances, paying early is rewarded. Some vendors offer a discount that is known as 2/10 Net 30, where you receive 2% off for paying within 10 days.

Interested in establishing Net 30 Accounts? Contact 5 Star Processing.

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