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POS Systems for Small Businesses (Square Raises Prices & What This Means for the Market)

POS Systems for Small Businesses

The United States needs small businesses like you to keep opening up. Although it may seem like you are a small fish in a big pond, your contribution matters to the economy of this country.

At 5 Star Processing, we understand what it takes to put the work in as a small business owner. We understand that every dollar counts and fees add up. We aren’t here to make the largest amount of revenue off of your business transactions. We’re here to help you grow. So, let’s talk about how Square just raised its prices and what it means for the market surrounding POS systems for small businesses.

Square POS System for Small Businesses 

Square has been getting a lot of attention because they just changed their refund policy to no longer offer returns on processing fees. This means that businesses still have to pay the processing fee even after items have been returned. This small change is projected to add $60 million dollars to Square’s annual profits.

If you are using Square, you might find this new fee to be a bit daunting; more money in the hands of larger corporations means less money in the hands of small businesses. However, there are other options on the market, and Square’s rise in price simply brings that to light and opens up new options for small business owners ready to make a switch.

You shouldn’t have to pay a return fee or charge your clients more money due to credit card processing fees; let’s explore some other options available to you at 5 Star Processing.

Other POS Systems for Small Businesses

Your POS system should complement your business in every aspect, from running seamlessly to hitting the right price point. Let’s take a look at some of the options here at 5 Star Processing.

  • Clover – an industry leader with contactless payments
  • Dejavoo – one of the most economical and seamless options on the market
  • Ingenico – lightweight, simple with cloud-based payments and countertop pin pads
  • PAX – minimalistic, easy to use and transportable
  • IProcess Mobile App – lets you download a POS system on your phone from anywhere in the world

As a business, you don’t have to stick to the same POS system just because it is what you are familiar with. There are plenty of seamless and easy-to-use options that will help your business grow instead of causing hiccups and unnecessary fees. It’s important to speak to a professional so that you can get the most out of the way you run your business.

Make the Switch With 5-Star Processing for Your Small Business POS System

Are you ready to switch your small business POS system? At 5 Star Processing, our payment gateways are designed to protect the way you do business. Our team of professionals is here to help and answer any questions you may have. We would love to walk you through our options and help you find the perfect point-of-sales solution that helps your business grow and maximize its profits. Contact us today to get started.

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