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Steps to Get Your High-Risk Oil Change Business Merchant Account


A high-risk merchant account is a service that allows your business to accept credit card payments. Here is all you need to read about High-Risk Oil Change merchant account. Several industries have been classified by banks and merchant providers as high risk.

Also, these industries have a history of fraud, chargebacks, cancelations, or other problems that would cause an excessive number of refunds. Most automotive repairs will fall into this category.

If you plan on accepting credit cards at your oil change business, you’ll need to find the perfect high-risk merchant account. Moreover, there are several different factors and steps you should take to get your high-risk oil change business merchant account.

Learning about High-Risk Merchant Accounts for your Oil Change Business

 All high-risk merchant accounts are not created equal. Many have predatory rates, extremely long contracts, poor customer service, and a few additional services. Before signing an agreement with a provider, you should spend time researching the most popular providers. You’ll want a merchant account that provides:

  • Great Customer Support – If something goes wrong, you’ll need someone to call. Find a provider that can guarantee your problems can be solved promptly.
  • Customization – Find a merchant account that allows flexibility and customization in its payments. Credit cards, mobile pay, and a variety of payment options should be accessible.
  • Pricing – Your merchant provider should be upfront about their pricing. Pricing could range from .5% to 5% of a transaction plus $.20 to $.30. These fees could add up quickly.
  • Security –  You need a provider that provides exceptional security for you and your customers.

Applying for a High-Risk Merchant Account

Once you’ve weighed all the options and chosen a high-risk merchant provider, you’ll need to apply. Most merchants will let you apply directly online with an application form. During the application process, you may need to provide documentation about yourself, your business, and your finances. Be prepared for your application by having the following documents readily available:

  • Incorporation and shareholder certificates, organizational chart
  • Copy of your passport and utility bills
  • Credit processing history for at least 6 months

Once you’ve submitted your application, your provider will review it and decide. Also, they may investigate your credit processing history for chargebacks and fraud as well.

You may have a tough time finding a great merchant account if you’ve had too many chargebacks in the past. Once you’re approved, you’ll be ready to take credit cards at your oil change business in no time.

Applying for a high-risk merchant account for your oil change business can be confusing and stressful. Finding the right high-risk merchant account for your needs and budget will dramatically help your business. You’ll be accepting credit cards at your oil change business in no time.

If you are looking for help finding the perfect high-risk merchant account for your oil change business, 5 Star Processing can help. 5 Star Processing is a premier payment processing service.


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