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Subscription Payment Processing

Today, more and more businesses are exploring their options in both regular and subscription-based payment processing. Both of these things provide their own benefits, however, being able to use the pair of them in some way will likely bring you the maximum benefit. And, if you are running a business model with room for both of these, you want to ensure that you can use them without any problems.

For this reason, it is always best to find ways for you to integrate both kinds of payment, for both you and your clients. You want to make sure that you have the easiest time accepting payments and your customers want the easiest time paying. So, you should find out exactly why it is going to benefit you the most to integrate your subscription and payment processes.

User-Friendly Sign Up

For one, being able to sign up with just one account for both kinds of payments means that your customers are going to have the easiest time. You want to ensure each one of your patrons the most user-friendly experience so that they are going to feel comfortable to keep returning to use your site.

Multiple studies have shown that you could be missing out on a considerable portion of your prospective customers by giving them a poor online experience. So, you should be doing all that you can to avoid any chances of this happening.

Avoid Late Payments and Payment Failures

As the merchant, you want to ensure that every one of the payments made to you is arriving on time and without any faults. However, if your payment system is split across two platforms, that isn’t going to help you avoid these kinds of things. All it takes is an honest mistake from a customer and you could find that a subscription is missed, causing you to miss out on a month’s worth of payment for the sake of one click. But if you were to integrate the two, you can significantly reduce the possibility of this happening.

Protect Against Fraud

Online merchants lose billions of dollars collectively each year through fraud based on chargebacks. Skilled fraudsters are aware of this and know exactly how to exploit it for their self-interest. As an honest retailer or merchant, this simply isn’t fair, so you will have to take the appropriate steps to block any chances of this happening.

By integrating your subscription payments into regular online payments, you can take advantage of the benefits provided by e-commerce risk reduction algorithms and start doing exactly that.

Simple System Management

And, of course, when you integrate these two kinds of payments, you make managing your online purchases much easier. It makes system management very simple and that can help you to avoid discrepancies and the chances for human error when calculating payments. This is obviously beneficial to any online retailer, however, the benefits can be much greater for those with smaller rates of output.

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