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An Honest Review For PAYARC Payment Processing Service

An Honest Review For PAYARC Payment Processing Service

PAYARC is a processing service that provides merchant accounts for credit processing as well as tools that facilitate intelligent and secure transactions. Through their technology-driven and client-centric payments platform, they enable both customers and merchants to make more informed decision-making, enhance their business processes, and expand their business – one transaction at a time. Integrated directly into the PAYARC gateway and making use of the most recent PCI-reducing technology, merchants are now able to accept payment quickly and securely. It is well-equipped to manage different kinds of transactions effortlessly, which ensures an effortless process as well as satisfaction for your clients. Payarc JavaScript is used for the payment gateway’s hosted Checkout page. The page has a mode that allows credit card information to be recorded without going to a WordPress installation. This increases the PCI Compliance level of the WordPress/WooCommerce installation and reduces the liability of the merchant. This is an additional option for checkout that the retailer can enable within the plugin’s settings.

Connecticut-Based Payment Processor

PAYARC is a Connecticut-based credit card processor that offers business services to small companies across the United States. It also offers POS solutions, online payment processing, and the ability to bill for subscriptions. PAYARC provides the PCI-certified online pay-per-click gateway. It is believed that the business was established in 2016. However, it was in 2019.

PayArc highlights

One of the significant benefits of the use of Payarc is its approach to processing payments. Because every business is different and requires different payment processing requirements, it is essential to work with Payarc with their clients in order to tailor their solutions to meet their particular needs. PAYARC has a user-friendly API for account holders. It’s simple to gain access through the dashboard by using access to an API Access Token, which is unique for every account. This allows users to effectively control their accounts, bills, and subscriptions, as well as deposits, and also handle their dispute resolution.

Merchants are able to enhance their payment experience by taking advantage of a broad platform. They can expand their businesses and develop new revenue streams recurring by referrals to merchants.

The customers can count on the advantages listed below when they use the services:

  • Faster Transactions

Customers can make payments quickly using a tap through a terminal on the platform, which cuts down on the amount of time that is spent in waiting.

  • Uninterrupted Payments

The robust terminals on the platform guarantee that transactions remain accepted even if there is no power or internet due to offline mode.

  • Industry-Compliant Security

The most critical concern for the firm is protecting the customers’ data and personal information. So, they adhere to all the requirements of the industry to offer confidence to customers who need to be assured that transactions are secure and safe.

  • Better check-out and billing process

This can be achieved by keeping each customer on the primary platform.

  • Lower cost

Merchants are able to cut down on operating costs through the switch to a unified payment system.

Fees for PayArc

Payarc has a solid commitment to the ideals of honesty and transparency when it comes to pricing. Payarc offers competitive rates with no hidden charges. They are also open about their fees in order to give businesses a complete understanding of their charges for processing payments. In the end, Payarc is a reliable payment processing service for companies looking to simplify their payment procedures and enhance their financial efficiency.

How do I connect to the service?

If you want to connect with Payarc, You can go to their site and look through the different payment options that they provide. Customers must complete the application on the website page on their official site for a new merchant account inquiry. Contact the support department of their customer for a discussion about your needs as a business and find out more about how Payarc can assist with the processing of your payments. If you’re looking to become a partner or reseller for Payarc’s solutions for payment, You can reach out to their team of business development to discuss collaboration opportunities.

PAYARC Point of Sale (POS)

The company offers the products at point of sale through its website, which was designed with Dejavoo Systems. The business advertises a variety of portable credit card terminals, EMV chips, and PIN-based readers for cards.

PAYARC Location and Ownership

PAYARC has its headquarters at 411 West Putnam Avenue, Suite 340, Greenwich, CT 06830.

Zachary Martinez is the CEO and co-founder of PAYARC. Zachary Martinez is the CEO and co-founder of PAYARC, and Jared Ronski serves as PAYARC’s president.

PAYARC LLC is a registered ISO/SP of Commercial Bank of California, Irvine, California, and a certified ISO of Evolve Bank and Trust in Memphis, TN.

PAYARC Review Table of Contents

  • Costs and Contracts: We’ve been looking for the terms of a merchant account contract in relation to…
  • Complaints & Services: We’ve located a handful of complaints about…
  • BBB Rating It is the company’s fault that it does not have a Better Business Bureau profile.
  • Sales and Marketing PayARC appears to be using something other than…

PAYARC Fees, Rates & Costs

Unclear Merchant Account Terms

PAYARC doesn’t list any prices for its merchant accounts on the Internet. The transparency of rates, fees, and contract terms is one of the requirements in order to rank them as a reputable merchant services company on this site. Although we’ve only discovered a few complaints about contract and fee terms, the inconsistency of the provided pricing data prevents PAYARC from earning five stars.

Negotiate Contract Pricing

We’re unable to find any PAYARC merchant accounts contract as of yet. Customers who just signed up for payment services from PAYARC should write an online review of the experience they had. Business owners are also advised to discuss the price of their merchant account as well as contract conditions and take the time to review all documentation prior to signing up with PAYARC’s merchant services.

PAYARC Employee Reviews & Sales Tactics

No Evidence of Independent Sales Teams

We have yet to find any job advertisements or any complaints that suggest the firm employs outside or independent sales agents. There are no concerns directly related to the company’s selling practices or any indications of false merchant account estimates.

PAYARC Termination Fees

There was a recent report of the $500 fee for termination that the proprietor did not know about. The business response says that the fees and penalties are transparent in the terms of the merchant agreement.

PAYARC Lacks Rate & Fee Transparency

PAYARC is a bit shady in the pricing that is available on its website. It’s likely to mean that it sells tied as well as “bucket” rate merchant account contracts. The majority of the time, these accounts cost more in comparison to other pricing options like interchange plus pricing. As of now, we are unable to discuss the costs of PAYARC’s rates because of the absence of data provided by the business. If you know information about the processing fee charged by PAYARC for credit card rates, rates, or other contact details, post a comment below.


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PAYARC is a service for processing that offers merchant accounts and sophisticated transaction tools that empower companies with safe, educated decision-making. The client-centric platform allows for improved operations and expands through transaction after transaction. With 5 Star Processing, various safe payment options are offered to ensure a secure and flexible platform for business. This broad approach allows merchants and clients to participate confidently in transactions while benefiting from being informed and secure.

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