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Maverick Payments Review 2024

Maverick Payments Review 2023

Since it was founded, Maverick has assisted tens of thousands of merchants with technology-driven solutions. It is a perfect fit for every type of business, including retail, e-commerce, and more, including small and unconventional companies. Maverick Payments can offer transparent, integrated, and practical payment processing by utilizing cutting-edge technology and an exclusive analytics platform. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are the products and services Maverick can provide?

If your transactions are tied to your point of sale, are performed in person through mail or phone, or are processed via the internet, Maverick can process them to your advantage. Maverick offers payment card processing and payment processing for checks, loyalty cards, gift credit cards, payment gateways and virtual terminals, and corporate financing. The company also aids businesses with a high level of risk, like companies that require assistance obtaining access to a retailer, such as loan companies.

Payment Card Processing

Maverick is a processor for credit cards. Maverick can accept various credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners’ Club. Maverick also accepts debit cards as well as EBT. Transactions with cards can be completed by cash or credit card at POS machines without manned kiosks, on sites with payment gateways, and over the telephone or email using Maverick’s virtual terminal. Maverick offers the possibility of scheduling recurring or planned payment plans. If you use credit cards to conduct B2B transactions for business, Maverick can set up the platform to help you get through the Level 2 and 3 data. Three pieces of information, making sure you are getting the most cost-effective prices.

Check Processing

The use of checks remains a common way of making payments, but how you accept check payments has evolved. Maverick lets you take electronic check payments (checks processed through a scanner for reviews or a scanner) and ACH transactions. Using Maverick’s verification of accounts provides immediate confirmation and authorization. This eliminates the risk of fraudulent checks.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Both gift cards and loyalty cards are available through Maverick. While they differ in how they’re utilized, both options can boost your company, track your spending habits, and assess the system’s efficiency.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an advanced and simple-to-track form of gift certificates printed on paper. These can assist in increasing your company’s impact and the number of people who spend time on various occasions and holiday celebrations. They can be utilized in multiple point-of-sale systems, which can debit funds directly from the remaining balance on the credit card.

Loyalty Cards

If you’ve got a loyalty program that rewards customers, they will be able to be rewarded with points or other rewards on every transaction they shop with your company. This can encourage returning customers and improve your business’s efficiency.

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Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

Imagine you can take online payments by telephone or postal. In this case, Maverick offers payment gateways on behalf of websites owned by businesses and virtual terminals that permit postal and phone charges. API integrations allow you to link your checkout page on your site to Maverick to process transactions at a real-time pace. Virtual terminals require only a laptop or computer connected to the internet and a web and an internet browser to make transactions manually and record them. It is ideal to purchase items via telephone or by mail.

Business Funding

If you need funds for your business, Maverick offers a variety of business loans and cash advances. They also provide a hybrid of these. Cash advances can be costly; therefore, make sure you consider the various options before deciding on an opportunity for a credit.

What is the best option regarding software and equipment?

Maverick provides the option to purchase equipment for point-of-sale for wholesale costs. Equipment is available for purchase in-person, including readers cre, dit card terminals PIN, pads, point-of-sale systems, and much more. Maverick says it supports all point-of-sale devices using its back-end platform. However, you must confirm that the system you are using is working. Maverick partners with numerous software firms and offers the most robust reporting tools and analysis.

Dashboard and Bizlitix

One of the things Maverick promotes is its complete reporting dashboard and Bizlitix system. We were able to witness a demonstration of these features. Although many of the functions are accessible through different platforms (such as Google Analytics), it’s convenient to know that Maverick provides all the elements within one easy dashboard, along with the payment details. Instead of logging into different systems, use a separate tool to analyze data, including heat maps, keyword analysis, competitor insights charging, back management, and other features. And the best part? There’s no cost to use Bizlitix, and you’ll gain access to the platform via your merchant account with Maverick.

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Chargeback Management

Customers unhappy with chargingbacks will appreciate the ability to manage chargebacks on the dashboard. Instead of waiting for an announcement via mail and possibly losing the dispute deadline, You’ll receive an email when the client files a chargeback. The system will recommend supporting documents to challenge the chargeback depending on the reason for the chargeback. It is easy to upload the documents on the dashboard for chargeback. This screenshot is an example of data the system may advise you to give if you decide to contest against a chargeback. Additionally, you’ll be able to track the progress of chargebacks to make it easier to keep track of the results. The dashboard also displays your chargeback rate, allowing you to instantly see what percentage of chargebacks you have to the threshold of 1% before your account is at risk. A further benefit included in the management of chargeback software is the ability to notify the user if a client who has previously filed a chargeback placed an order. As you can see in the image, the system will inform you about the “risk level” of approving an order made by the client.


The system includes all of the information you need to make informed choices. It lets you view sales by individual and batches, transaction history, and other reports. Maverick is also developing an optimization report for interchange to aid you in getting the most efficient interchange rates.


The Bizlitix platform for providing data analytics is a valuable instrument for entrepreneurs with small businesses, mainly if they don’t use Google Analytics or would prefer to keep the information at the exact location in your transaction summary. You’ll have access to the demographics of your customers, like gender, age, and where they live, along with other traffic sources. This platform can also combine data from different sources, including Mastercard and Visa, to give you a comparative view of data on trends in business. As you’ll see in the above image, You can access graphs and charts showing how your business’s performance compares to other companies in the same sector. You’ll be able to check your business’s performance in terms of measures like average visits, the average cost per client, and much more. Additionally, you can learn about page speed improvements, conduct keyword research, and view a heatmap to determine how users interact with your site. The reputation management section lets you join with external sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp to manage your reputation across various websites.

Do you have any benefits from security?

Maverick is PCI fully compliant. All Maverick gateways comply with PCI DSS regulations for the security of customers and businesses. Furthermore, you’ll profit from Maverick’s fraud protection tools like Address Verification Services and card code Verification, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Maverick Rates and Fees

Maverick can’t publish pricing since the price will differ for each business. The pricing for companies with high risk is mainly based on several elements. There are a variety of fees that could be applicable. Are transaction fees, debit card fees for PIN AVS fee cost, and the online gateway fees? If you want to know what Maverick’s services are for your company, you can request an estimate through CardFellow. Our free service will enable you to review fully transparent prices from Maverick and compare them to other processors. Join us here!

Maverick Reviews

Maverick is a flexible credit card processor. It accepts large credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners’ Club, alongside debit cards and EBT. Maverick’s flexible transaction options include POS machines without manned kiosks, secure online payment gateways, and phone/email transactions using Maverick’s online terminal. The payment processing platform, powered through 5 Star Processing, ensures total cash and credit card transaction security. It also allows users to plan recurring or scheduled payment transactions effortlessly. Through a wide range of payment options and strict security measures, 5 Star Processing enables an entirely secure and safe environment that accepts various payment options, giving peace of mind to businesses and consumers alike.

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