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TSYS Payment Solutions: Unlocking Payment Possibilities

TSYS Payment Solutions Unlocking Payment Possibilities

The way we pay is changing, and they are changing fast. The people we pay for them are on the frontline of that transformation. Shortly, we’ll be paying for things we’re unable to imagine now. TSYS We help our clients anticipate the future with our services, solutions, knowledge, and partnerships. We take a proactive approach. We are always looking for opportunities that are new to the potential of payment service providers, companies, and consumers.

TSYS in a nutshell

We open up opportunities for the payment industry for both businesses and individuals since we know that the person behind each payment is someone who’s taking their money with confidence. And we will never forget it. We’re performance-minded.


People are at the forefront of all decisions. How can we get access to payment possibilities? We help our customers flourish and expand through dependable results, collaborative partnerships, and innovation focused on people.

Trusted Performance

We’re the world’s leader in highly secure, high-performance, and safe technology that you can count on to provide seamless payment processing and robust data security. We’re known for our reliability and efficiency, as demonstrated by our staff and technology.

Proactive Partnership

We spend time understanding the needs of our customers and provide over 30 years of experience in the field to have a positive effect. We train, recruit, and invest in top-performing employees to offer the best quality customer service.

People-Centered Innovation

We look forward to the future of commerce and create revolutionary technologies that provide the most satisfying experience. Our speed-to-market technology accelerates the process and facilitates easy collaboration with innovative partners across the globe.

New ways of paying

Discover the full power of payments

Deliver experiences beyond your customers’ expectations.


At every stage of the credit and debit account lifecycle, we’re here for you. From prospecting to onboarding and customer support—and everything in between.

  • We support every major card brand and network—including private-label cards.
  • We provide single-platform access for debit or credit—signature or PIN. Which means system flexibility and operational efficiency, every time.
  • Let your customers transact however they want. Including EMV, QR code and digital wallets–Apple Pay, Google Pay and your own private offering.


Fuel growth in your portfolios—and reap the rewards. We know that in commercial issuing and epayables, flexibility and expertise are everything.

  • Seamless B2B and B2G payments
  • Complete program customization
  • Virtual payments to automate and digitize accounts payable
  • Configurable spend controls
  • Compliance expertise for card program managers

From government bodies to businesses big and small. Whatever your customers’ shape, size or scale—we’ll help you meet their needs. Our customizable card options and configurable programs fit the bill.

Where scale meets service

Guess who processes over 90% of the commercial cards in the US? We’re North America’s #1 commercial issuer processor.

Complete control

Hand your customers the reins for their spending. Let them define authorizations, billing and risk-management options for each role—across purchasing, fleet and T&E programs. Our tech stack supports your customers’ business structures, however complex.

Full stack card offering. Physically. Virtually. Absolutely.

  • Purchasing
  • Travel and entertainment
  • Fleet
  • Combo Card
  • Epayables
  • Small business card


Optimize your retail issuing offer. Whether it’s private label or co-branded cards, physical or virtual, our solutions give you more. More flexibility, more insight—more loyalty.

  • Allow instant application and activation—online or at the point of sale
  • Provide customized offers and finance terms including buy now, pay later
  • Create rewards that keep customers coming back
  • Build brand recognition and give your customers the purchasing power they deserve


Third-party administrators, healthcare technology companies, and service providers—we cover the full healthcare and benefits spectrum.

Card processing, servicing, management—and industry-leading expertise.

Choose the payment stack designed for you. Streamlined debit and prepaid processing for easy program administration. Expert support across the whole benefit administration cycle.

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Transit and commuter programs
  • Wellness incentive, directed spend, and supplemental benefits programs.

End-to-end issuer solutions—endlessly configurable

Our cloud-native platform delivers experiences beyond your customers’ expectations. From origination to processing and risk management—whatever your payment needs, our API-driven platform delivers.

Choose one, Choose all.

Our cloud-native solution consists of microservices tailored to your changing needs. With configurable technology, you have control over how it works for your business.

  1. Digital onboarding
  2. Activations and rewards
  3. Authentication
  4. Loyalty
  5. Payment processing
  6. Managing risk and fraud
  7. Data and portfolio analytics
  8. Service and CRM


5 Star Processing is a leader in helping small businesses thrive. They offer a variety of products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of owners. 5 Star Processing offers comprehensive advice to help them kickstart their business, whether it is through TSYS Payment Solutions, which facilitates credit card payments.

5 Star Processing’s innovative fraud prevention and management tools are a standout. The platform, which uses the most recent technological advances and adheres to best industry practices, excels at identifying and stopping fraudulent transactions before they happen. The proactive approach protects companies from financial loss and strengthens their reputation among clients.

The platform is not limited to prevention. It also provides businesses with powerful tools and strategies that help them navigate chargebacks effectively. With 5 Star Processing, businesses can manage chargebacks efficiently, minimizing their impact and streamlining resolution processes. They can help businesses focus on core operations without worrying about financial issues.

5 Star Processing is a service provider that goes above and beyond the norm. 5 Star Processing is a proactive business partner that equips businesses to thrive and not only survive in a constantly changing marketplace

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