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Worldpay merchant services reviews

Worldpay merchant services reviews

Utilize your mobile, computer, or tablet to make payments on the phone and in person. WorldPay’s virtual credit card terminal interface is simple and quick to use, offering card reader options and card-on-file payment support for future transactions. Log into your account, enter your customer’s data, and begin making one-time or regular payments. Take credit card payments as well as mobile wallets at any time and at any time, without a significant cost or the resources needed.

 Worldpay is ideal for businesses that:

  • Want a customizable payment solution? 

Worldpay’s quote-based plans might be an excellent solution for more prominent, established firms needing an individualized payment solution. Furthermore, if an employee in your company can code and work with APIs, it is possible to modify the look of your payment page.

  • Do not want to utilize the proprietary equipment

Companies that provide their payment processing and POS systems, such as Clover, typically have businesses using exclusive equipment. It can restrict your choices even if you’re keen on third-party card terminals or readers.

  • International coverage

Worldpay is an ideal choice for firms that do business globally and require a payment solution supporting various currencies.

Worldpay stands out, Worldpay is different

Accepts many different payment methods and currencies

The Worldpay credit card processing solutions enable small-scale businesses to accept various payment options such as:

  • Credit cards.
  • Credit cards.
  • Mobile and digital wallets, for example, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Transfers to ACH.
  • Gift cards.

Furthermore, it is compatible with the use of 126 currencies by international business companies and allows you to provide recurring payment options for clients.

A plethora of Integrations

Worldpay is integrated with hundreds of POS platforms, payment gateways, online shopping platforms, and ERP solutions. Even though the Worldpay website does not provide an exhaustive list of integrations and suppliers, we’ve listed a handful of the providers available:

  • SwipeSimple.
  • BigCommerce.
  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento).
  • PayPal.
  • Oracle.
  • Ingenico.
  • National Cash Register Co. (NCR).

24/7 customer support

Many competitors provide an option for telephone support, but it’s typically restricted to hours of operation and weekends. Worldpay is unique because of the 24/7 support available to customers all year round. It has a variety of phone numbers that can be used for various types of support and teams. This includes e-commerce, merchant activation, technical assistance, and primary customer service.

Worldpay is where Worldpay fails to meet its obligations.

There needs to be more transparency in the pricing of products and other details. Worldpay does not offer upfront pricing. You must get in touch with the company through telephone, email, or via the online quote generator for a price based on the information provided by your company. While this may be commonplace for big processing companies, there needs to be more transparency in pricing to assess Worldpay’s cost in comparison to other companies. In the same way, Worldpay needs to be more transparent about the costs of other solutions like its security system OmniShield Assure and its analytics iQ platform, whether or not they’re included as an element of the standard credit card processing service or require additional costs.


Accept payments with ease using Worldpay


Worldpay is an efficient payment processor that offers a variety of choices for companies looking to take payment from customers. The advanced security features and flexible options make it practical for companies of all sizes. But, the cost and lack of support could be a problem for some customers.


Worldpay offers a range of payment options. This makes it simple for companies to accept cash payments from clients, no matter what method they would prefer to pay. Worldpay employs sophisticated security methods to ensure every transaction is secure and safe. Businesses can secure themselves, as well as their clients, from a variety of security dangers. Their interface for use is user-comfortable. This makes it simple for companies to establish and maintain their payment processing process. We haven’t encountered any issues with the configuration. In addition, Worldpay has customizable options that permit us to customize the payment processing system specifically to our requirements.


Nothing to complain about, but they only provide customer service. There may be a time when they’re not there when we need them.

Worldpay User Experience

My experience has been highly favorable. Worldpay is precisely what I would like to achieve, and it’s always easy to utilize. Its reporting interface is simple to understand. What I enjoy most regarding Worldpay is that you can hit the question mark at the upper right when you need clarification and clarification. It will open information about the features and capabilities of the webpage that you’re trying to access.

Worldpay (FIS Global) Reviews: FAQ

Is Worldpay (FIS Global) secure?

As a rule, WorldPlay is regarded as a highly secure option. Numerous security measures have been put in place to protect your data. However, there have been reports of dangers to the security of their funds. They have reported unexpected charges, as well as account closings. It is essential to be cautious in creating accounts. Check out reviews about Worldpay to determine if it’s worth it to your business before investing an amount of cash into the company.

Is Worldpay (FIS Global) legit?

Worldpay can indeed be considered a valid service offered by FIS. It’s regarded as one of the genuine services offered on platforms such as G2 and Trustpilot.

Worldpay (FIS Global) Competitors and Alternatives

Worldpay offers a variety of competitors and options in the world of payment processing. This article will examine how they compare using the G2 compatibility feature.


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