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Get High-Risk Merchant Account Fast and Easy Approvals


One of the most important things for any modern business is being able to accept card payments. This is something that just about every customer expects and should be something that you can provide. And this is possible if you get high-risk merchant account fast and easy approvals.
If you want to get a high-risk merchant account instant approval, this article is for you. But before you can start planning how you are going to win more through card payments, you need to be setting your company up with a merchant account.
For any business operating a low-risk company, that can be easy. However, if you, like so many others, are running a high-risk business, the process can be a little bit more difficult. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be hard and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get the approval that you need fast. And, perhaps with our expert guidance and recommendations, you’ll be able to do both with your high-risk business.

high risk merchant account instant approval


What is A High-Risk Business?

The first thing you are probably asking yourself is how to know if you are a high-risk business. And, truth be told if you haven’t recently started a small company you may well be at high risk. A company is classified as such if it falls into one of many categories, which currently include the following:

  • Ecommerce
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Online Gaming and Gambling
  • Tobacco / Alcohol / CBD / Marijuana Products
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Health and Wellness
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality

What is a High-Risk Merchant Accounts?

If your business also happens to fall within one of the above sectors or anything else similar. Then you are most certainly going to need a High-risk merchant account.

And, when it comes to securing your merchant account, this too is going to be high risk. That can add more complexity to the process and typically would make the process slower and more difficult.
However, with the right knowledge, that might not be the case. Thus to summarise a high-risk merchant account we can say:
  • High-risk merchant accounts are a payment processing service for businesses in high-risk industries
  • A Paypal merchant account, for example, will only support businesses that are low risk
  • Different factors would require you to find high-risk merchant services
  • Factors from credit score, chargebacks, to industry type can categorize your business as high risk
  • Instant approvals for high-risk accounts are uncommon but possible for established businesses or with 5 Star processing.

High-risk merchant account instant approval is difficult but not impossible.

Get High-Risk Merchant Account Fast and Easy Approvals

Although High-risk merchant accounts instant approval is difficult. You are still more than able to benefit from a fast approval. If you can find the right partner and make the proper preparations, you may even be able to achieve approval in under 48 hours.

All it takes is identifying the most beneficial, reputable high-risk payment processing for you and ensuring that you have fully prepared yourself to handle the process.

High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval UK

How to Get a high-risk merchant account instant approval?

If you want to get approved easily, then planning is key. You want to make sure that your business status is in a good shape and that you are properly showing that off to the provider that you are applying.

Things like a cover letter can go a long way to that, as well as getting yourself ready with the questions that your provider is going to have. In addition to that, 5 Star Processing recommends that you aim for the following:

  • High Credit Score
  • Strong Processing History
  • Good Trading Volumes
  • Additional Funds
  • Functioning Website
  • Cover Letter
  • Comprehensive List of Practices and Documentation

If at last nothing works for you then, 5 Star Processing professional can help you. Our experts are always ready to get you the best high-risk merchant account with ease. Doesn’t matter what type of your industry is you can contact us and get an instant high-risk merchant account with us.


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