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Get More from Your Business with the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card

Running a business takes a lot of resources. You need equipment, inventory, employees, marketing materials, and more. All of that costs money. As a business owner, you want to make every dollar count so you can grow your company. One way to do that is with the Sam’s Club Business credit card. The Sam’s Club Business Credit Card is a type of business credit card offered exclusively to Sam’s Club business members. It is issued by Synchrony Bank in partnership with Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart. The Sam’s Club Business Credit Card provides a way for business owners to manage business expenses, earn rewards, and access unique benefits at Sam’s Club. Key features include 5% back on gas purchases at Sam’s Club and 1% back on other qualifying purchases. It has no annual fee and offers reporting features to help businesses track expenses. There are also additional benefits like access to inventory management tools and discounted shipping costs on Sam’s Club purchases. The Sam’s Club Business Credit Card aims to provide savings, convenience, and business expense control to Sam’s Club members. It can only be obtained by current business members of Sam’s Club, not individual consumers. The card gives businesses a way to maximize the value of their Sam’s Club membership.

What is the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card?

The Sam’s Club Business credit card is a credit card specifically designed for business owners who shop at Sam’s Club. It provides both purchasing power and rewards on business purchases made through Sam’s Club and Walmart. When you use the card at Sam’s Club, you get 5% back on the first $6,000 in purchases every year. After that, you get 1% back. You also get 2% back on restaurants and gas stations and 1% back on everything else. There is no annual fee.

Benefits of the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using the Sam’s Club Business credit card:

Earn 5% Back at Sam’s Club

The biggest perk of this card is that you get 5% back on all Sam’s Club purchases, up to $6,000 per year. Whether you are buying equipment, office supplies, or inventory, you earn significant rewards. For big spenders, this can add up to $300 back each year.

2% Back at Gas Stations and Restaurants

You also earn 2% back at gas stations and restaurants. Fueling up company vehicles and taking clients out to eat are common business expenses, so you can rack up extra rewards through everyday spending.

No Annual Fee 

Unlike many rewards cards, the Sam’s Club Business credit card has no annual fee. This helps keep overhead costs down so you don’t have to pay just to have the card.

Special Financing Offers

From time to time, Sam’s Club offers special financing on big-ticket purchases. This allows you to break payments down over several months with no interest. Spreading payments out helps conserve cash flow.

Shop Your Way with Ease

The Sam’s Club Business credit card is accepted everywhere that takes Mastercard. So you can use it for purchases both in-club and online. Shopping for your business is streamlined with one card.

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5 Star Processing Credit Card
5 Star Processing Credit Card

How to Get the Most from the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card?

To really maximize value, here are some tips for making the most of the Sam’s Club Business credit card:

Use it for All Sam’s Club Purchases  

Be sure to use the credit card at Sam’s Club whenever you shop there, both in-store and online. The 5% rewards really add up when you buy all your equipment, supplies, and inventory with the card. 

Pay Off the Balance Monthly

Avoid interest charges by paying off your balance in full each month. The rewards are negated if you accrue interest. Set up autopay so you never miss a payment.

Use for Gas and Dining Too

Get in the habit of using the card at gas stations and restaurants too. Since you earn 2% back in those categories, it optimizes rewards.

Take Advantage of Special Financing

If Sam’s Club offers interest-free financing on large purchases, take advantage of it. It makes expensive equipment more affordable for your business when you can spread payments out.

Use for Recurring Purchases  

Set up the credit card as the payment method for regular expenses like office supplies, subscriptions, or advertising. You’ll earn rewards on those recurring costs month after month.

Ideal Businesses for the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card

The Sam’s Club Business credit card is ideal for any business that frequently shops at Sam’s Club. Here are some of the types of businesses that can benefit the most:

Restaurants – Restaurants spend heavily on ingredients and supplies. The 5% back on Sam’s Club purchases can add up fast.

Offices – Businesses with office space need consistent purchases of items like paper, ink, snacks, furniture, and tech. The credit card rewards recurring office supply purchases.  

Retailers – For retailers purchasing inventory wholesale through Sam’s Club, the 5% back is significant. The 2% gas reward also helps with fuel costs for transporting goods.

Contractors – Construction and contracting businesses can save on tools, building materials, equipment, and fleet vehicles purchased through Sam’s Club.

Event Planners – Planners who purchase decor, catering items, equipment rentals, prizes, and giveaways for events can rack up major rewards.

Any business with recurring purchases at Sam’s Club can benefit from using the Sam’s Club Business credit card strategically. The rewards can really add up over time.

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Get More Value from Sam’s Club with the Business Credit Card

Running a successful business is all about saving money wherever possible. The Sam’s Club Business credit card helps you earn cash back on the regular purchases you already make for your company. Using the card strategically allows you to get more value from the convenience and wholesale prices at Sam’s Club. Reducing overhead is critical, and this credit card can help you do that. If you frequently shop at Sam’s Club for your business, apply for the Sam’s Club Business credit card today. It is free to have and the rewards on your frequent Sam’s Club purchases will quickly offset any other credit card fees. Get more mileage from your business’s Sam’s Club purchases with this rewarding credit card option designed with business owners in mind.

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