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Your guide to the Chase Business credit cards

Chase Business credit cards

For businesses in need of a versatile credit card that offers strong rewards and benefits, Chase business credit cards are an excellent option worth considering. Chase provides a suite of business card options to meet different needs. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at Chase business credit cards, their features and benefits, and why they can be a smart choice for many organizations.

Overview of Chase Business Credit Cards

Chase issues several different business credit cards, including the popular Ink Business Preferred, Ink Business Cash, and Ink Business Unlimited cards. Like personal credit cards, these allow businesses to earn rewards on spending but offer benefits tailored specifically for business needs. 

Key features of Chase business credit cards include

  • Higher spending limits to accommodate business costs
  • Employee cards with adjustable spending controls
  • Detailed statements and tools for tracking expenses
  • Rewards on common business spending categories
  • 0% intro APR offers on purchases and balance transfers

Chase business cards are on the Visa network and many offer the highly valued Ultimate Rewards points program. They provide strong incentives for business spending along with useful benefits.

Benefits of Chase Business Credit Cards

Chase business credit cards offer a wide array of valuable features and benefits that add to their appeal for companies and organizations.

Chase business credit cards provide many benefits that make them attractive options for businesses: 

  • Rewards

Chase business cards earn points, miles, or cash back on purchases. For example, the Ink Business Preferred earns 3x points on travel, shipping, internet/cable/phone services, and advertising with social media sites and search engines. Rewards can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, travel, and more.

  •  Valuable Signup Bonuses 

Many Chase business cards offer lucrative signup bonuses, especially the premium cards like the Ink Preferred. New cardholders can earn bonuses like 100,000 points after spending a certain amount in the first 3 months. This provides a lot of value right off the bat.

  • 0% Introductory APR

Most Chase business cards provide a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12-18 months. This deferred interest period can help new businesses save substantially on financing costs.

  • Cell Phone Protection 

Some Chase business cards offer cell phone protection as a built-in benefit. When you pay your cell bill with an eligible card, you can receive up to $600 per claim for cell damage or theft, minus a deductible.

  • Purchase Protections

Chase cards come with a suite of purchase protection benefits including extended warranty and purchase protection. The extended warranty benefit provides an extra year beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, while purchase protection refunds eligible items stolen or damaged within 120 days of purchase.

  • Travel Benefits & Discounts

Certain Chase business cards come with travel benefits like discounted rates on car rentals and hotels when booked through the Chase portal. The premium Chase Ink Business Preferred also offers a $100 annual hotel credit and other high-end travel perks.

  • Flexible Rewards Redemption

One of the best aspects of Chase’s rewards program is the redemption flexibility. Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred 1:1 to various airline and hotel partners or redeemed for cash back, statement credits, gift cards, and more. This versatility provides options for getting maximum value from your points.

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The Top Chase Business Credit Cards

Chase provides three main business credit cards, each with unique benefits. Here’s an overview of the key cards:

  •  Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

The Ink Business Preferred is Chase’s premium business card. It earns 3x points on travel, shipping, internet/cable/phone services, and advertising with social media sites & search engines. Perks include:

  • 100,000 point signup bonus (worth $1,250 in travel redemptions)
  • Up to $1.25 million in cell phone protection 
  • Trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  • Primary car rental insurance
  • No foreign transaction fees

This card has a $95 annual fee but the lucrative rewards and benefits easily offset the cost for many businesses. 

  •  Ink Business Cash Credit Card 

The no-annual-fee Ink Business Cash card earns 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent annually at office supply stores and on internet/cable/phone services. Other benefits include:

  • $750 signup bonus 
  • Cell phone protection
  • Extended warranty and purchase protections
  • No foreign transaction fees

This is a great everyday business card with strong bonus category earnings.

  • Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

The Ink Business Unlimited is a straightforward cash-back rewards card with no annual fee. It earns an unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. There are no bonus category caps or spending thresholds to track. Other features include a $750 signup bonus, cell phone protection, and extended warranty coverage. This flexible, easy-to-use card is suitable for businesses looking for a simple cash-back earnings card.

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Why Choose a Chase Business Credit Card?

From the valuable rewards to the array of useful benefits, here are some of the top reasons to consider applying for a Chase business credit card:

  • Lucrative bonus rewards – Chase offers best-in-class reward rates in categories like travel, dining, shipping, and more. This makes it easy to maximize your earnings.
  • Hefty signup bonuses – Ink cards offer some of the most generous signup bonus offers, giving your rewards balance an immediate boost.
  • Useful benefits – From cell phone insurance to purchase protections to travel perks, Chase cards provide tangible benefits and protections.
  • Ultimate Rewards program – Chase’s exceptional Ultimate Rewards program offers immense flexibility and redemption opportunities.
  • Excellent customer service – Chase provides top-notch customer service, online account management, and service reliability. 
  • Visa acceptance – Chase cards are on the Visa network, the world’s most widely accepted payment network.  
  • 0% intro APR offers – The 0% intro periods on purchases and transfers provide significant short-term financing flexibility.

For any business looking to earn rewards on spending while enjoying premium benefits and service, Chase business credit cards are tough to beat.

Maximizing Your Chase Business Credit Card

To get the most value from a Chase business card, here are some tips to maximize your experience:

  • Pay your balance off each month – Avoid interest charges by paying your statement balance in full monthly.
  • Use for bonus categories – Maximize bonuses by using your card for the highest earning categories like travel, dining, and more.
  • Get employee cards – Employee cards help centralize spending and make it easier to track. Set customized spending limits.
  • Redeem points for maximum value – Transfer points to loyalty programs or redeem them for high-value cash back instead of lower-value gift cards. 
  • Use Chase offers – Take advantage of targeted Chase offers for extra points and discounts. Offers are listed in your account.
  • Set Up account alerts – Enable alerts about approaching credit limits, large transactions, and due dates to closely monitor spending.


Chase offers a strong selection of business credit cards that provide ample rewards and earnings along with premium benefits. With bonuses on relevant business categories and perks like cell phone insurance and travel protections, their cards are compelling options for many organizations. The Ink Business Preferred is perfect for businesses maximizing rewards, while the no annual fee Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited cards offer solid cash back earnings at a lower cost. For businesses that want to earn generous rewards on spending while enjoying excellent service, Chase business credit cards are definitely worth considering. When you need secure and quick payment processing for your business, look no further than 5 Star Processing. They provide fast and reliable payment solutions with top-tier data protection. From credit cards to mobile payments and more, they can handle all your processing needs quickly and securely. With excellent customer service and low rates, 5 Star Processing is a top choice that can benefit any business.

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