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High Risk Merchant Services


What is a high risk merchant account service?

A high-risk merchant account service is required if a business with a more serious gamble of misrepresentation or chargebacks — or with specific different qualities needs to acknowledge card installments. For instance, a few processors won’t work with explicit businesses, similar to tobacco and gun deals
When you are glancing for a reliable provider of high-risk merchant services, it can be hard to choose among the many options available.

High risk merchant account

7 Tips for finding your impeccable high risk merchant services for your business

What do you take into consideration? What do you ask? How do you know? Read for our 7 tips and questions to canvass to make your search easier such as –

#1 – Do they acquire high-risk merchant services clients in your niche/vertical/industry?

Many payment gateway providers might be able to afford you a high risk merchant services account, but not all of them will be recognizable with your industry and its intricacies. It is always outstanding to work with someone who already has clients with businesses similar to yours because they are more intimate with the risks and challenges specific to you. An expert won’t just be adept to administer high-risk merchant services, they’ll also be able to advise you.

#2 – Do they acquire customer testimonials and other references?

Once you know that a given merchant account provider does assist your industry, it is time to take a look at their track record. What do their previous and current customers have to assert about them? Here you do not have to limit yourself to businesses analogous to yours – what you are glancing for is a general evaluation of their skill, level of customer service, reliability, and trustworthiness. A glance at their website, but don’t stop there – check out their social media accounts, Google reviews, Yelp, and other directories. Do not get hung up on individual bad reviews if you identify them – sometimes people leave a scathing review for something that is not a business’s fault. But beware if the preponderance of reviews and testimonials is negative. Get high risk merchant account instant approval with 5 Star Processing.

#3 – Are they acknowledge all of your questions about high-risk merchant services?

If you have chosen to go to the next step and have a direct conversation with a high-risk merchant account provider, make sure to canvass as many questions as you have about their high-risk merchant services. Part of this is to get the answers that you require, but it is equally decisive to classify how they answer. If you get the sense that the sales representative is dodging certain questions, try to dig deeper – if you keep getting this impression, they might be compelled to disclose some crucial information.

#4 – Always be cognizant of the costs

Having a high-risk business tag on you will mean having to pay a higher price than a regular business. Even if you designate to go with a service specializing in high-risk merchant accounts. You can foresee paying between two and five percent for each transaction. And also the account fees can vary, depending on the services you are going to need. It is decisive to keep in mind that there will be no one offering you the rates you see processors advertising. You should know this so you do not end up rejecting a great service for your high-risk business just because you think they are charging more than what you have seen somewhere else.

#5 – Figuring your processing obligation

The basic urgency that you will need from a high-risk merchant account from 5 Star Processing is similar to any other. Because you are paying rates and fees, you will have to start carefully thinking about the exact services and equipment the business urgency to you can minimize the costs. The process of figuring out what you require and what you can do without is a tricky one. Some services can seem a little too high, but with the increased profits you are going to get extra sales to justify it. Some of the things that you devoir to see whether you need or not may include such as –

  • Credit Card Terminal – This feature is a must for a brick-and-mortar business. Many people do not like to have cash on them and adopt making their payments using a card. You also have to know whether you need NFC-capable capable terms that are adept to process contactless payment options such as apple pay.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions – If you have a business that is always on the go and you need to process the payment anywhere at any time, then this is decisive for you. If you are in the same place always, there is no urgency to get this service.
  • POS System – This is a modern-day standard for business because it will seamlessly accommodate the in-store and online management programs, ordering and payment process, and tracking tools.
  • E-commerce Payment Gateway – You will require an eCommerce payment gateway if you plan on selling products online. This service is not decisive if you are not planning on selling online.

#6 – Buy equipment instead of leasing

The high cost of equipment can be off-putting when starting a business and this is why many of them will adopt leasing. When it comes to credit card processing equipment. It is decisive to buy because it will save you a lot in the long run.

#7 – Negotiating pricing based on the needs of your business

Setting up a high-risk merchant account is not a forthright process and most high risk payment processors will not give you any fees or rates upfront. It will associate dealing with third-party organizations and services before the solutions can be administered.

This means there is some arbitration you can do to get a great deal. Following the tips above will asset, you to know what you need. The two costs are a must for account fees and processing rates. Processing rates are those that you pay for each transaction of your business. While the account fees are those you will be paying on a monthly or yearly basis. A high-risk account will have to pay more for both of these services. Depending on the demand of the business, you can manage to negotiate lower for one or the other.
High Risk Merchant Services


Getting a month-to-month contract is an outshining option especially when you are a high-risk business. This is an option that many providers find arduous to agree to because the business is risky. A three-year contract is an alternative, and it comes with a very high early termination fee.

These high risk merchant account fees can be very calamitous if the business goes under. You can accept higher fees for a more flexible contract. Contact us at 5 Star Processing to more about high-risk merchant accounts.

Three Reasons You Should Select 5Star Processing

 Are you a small business owner? A business owner seeking merchant services. Maybe you are looking for a replacement of your current relationship with Stripe, PayPal, and or similar services.

Maybe your business and or industry is one of the following:

  • Trucking Company
  • Ecommerce store owner
  • Beauty Salon


  • A plumber and own your own plumbing business
  • Towing Company
  • Brick and Mortar Businesses (Storefront, Bar/Restaurant, etc.
  • Mail and Telephone Businesses
  • Home Improvement
  • Professional Services
  • Online based businesses

WHAT We Know

Opening a merchant account is an excellent way to enrich your business by enabling you to accept varied means of payment methods. There are several different types of businesses out there that are perfectly suited for merchant accounts. At 5Star Processing we have the services and resources to create a merchant experience that is customized for the needs of several different types of businesses. From a shopfront-based wholesale business to online-based services, 5Star Processing can get you set up quickly with a merchant account that comes with added services that can help you expand your business reach.


Reason Number One

5Star Processing is a market leader.

5Star Processing is the leader in business services and resources. We lead the way in helping small businesses grow.  We offer a variety of products and services that fit our business owners’ needs every day whether your goal is to accept credit card payments, or you are looking for a sense of direction on how to get started. Not to mention, we are more than aware that one of the most important decisions a business owner makes is choosing who will help them put money in their bank account. We not only pride ourselves on the customer experience we also have very aggressive pricing. We also earn your business month to month and on top of it have a robust online platform, which we are proud to share is easy to navigate. In our portal, you can track your sales, client flow, and so much more.

Reason Number Two

5Star Processing can help you build business credit.

5Star Processing can help you build business credit. We offer an all-in-one solution for your business credit needs. We know your building business credit can be as important as it is to build positive personal credit.  Not to mention, we are aware businesses are increasingly using and or developing business credit. Establishing business credit may seem like an intimidating process—especially if your business is new. The great news is we have so many resources to make the process easier.

We offer:

  • No Credit Check options
  • No Personal Guarantees options
  • Easy Approval programs
  • Earn Rewards
  • Net 30 accounts

Reason Number Three

We offer a membership to our 5 Star University

We have created a real business education platform to help set up business owners for success. We offer a variety of courses and materials you don’t want to miss. Tired of being left alone to try to figure out the path to build your business credit?  We’ll give you access to detailed training on how to build your foundation that s’ super easy to follow and that will actually get you results.

Desire more information about 5Star Processing – contact us.



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