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High Risk Payment Processors for High Risk Business


High-risk payment processors: All businesses rely on revenue and a stable cash flow to keep them afloat. In cash-only transactions, this is very simple, but very few businesses can rely on cash today. Instead, it’s necessary to put a system in place that can process debit and credit card payments for your business. But if you’re a small business owner, or if you happen to operate in one of the so-called high-risk industries, getting a merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway USA to process card payments is not so easy. Read on to find out how you can get around this problem by high-risk payment processors.

high risk payment processor

What’s the problem with high-risk businesses?

The problem is not with your business, the problem is that it belongs to a category of businesses that banks and mainstream payment processors find to be risky. This typically means that there is a high ratio of chargebacks, which raises red flags because is often indicative of credit card fraud. For E.g. gambling businesses experience chargebacks from customers who are upset about losing their money and want to run from the bill.


There is no fraud involved (the real cardholder made the original payment, and did so knowingly), but no one can know that until they spend time and resources clearing it up. In the meantime, if more chargebacks are made, it’s easier for the bank or mainstream payment processor to simply shut down such an account. But in reality, it’s unlikely that they would have given this account out in the first place because they would expect these issues to come up. So instead of going to the banks, you have a much better chance of working with high-risk payment gateway.

What about [insert mainstream payment processor?

High-risk payment processors: If you’re thinking about using services like Venmo, PayPal, Stripe, CashApp, or others, you’ll encounter the same problem. Unlike high risk payment processors, they normally don’t allow high-risk businesses to even open an account with them (assuming you declare the true nature of your business). If you do get around this, or you use your personal account, it will likely be shut down with no warning. Not only will they cut off your revenue… they can also keep your funds frozen for days, weeks, and in the absolute worst cases, months – and it’ll be completely legal.

High-risk payment processors can help you

So what’s the deal with these high-risk payment processors? Well, as you have probably gathered from above, they can actually provide you with credit card payment processing. High-risk payment processors specialize in high-risk industries and design their solutions to work for them. Things like chargeback stop being an issue. You can rest assured knowing that your cash flow will still be there tomorrow.

5 Star Processing be your high-risk payment processor

We work with many high-risk industries and are very familiar with the special needs of the businesses operating in these exciting fields. Our team is composed of people who are uniquely qualified to help you set up the best merchant account and payment processing solutions. We offer the lowest processing fees in the industry and have a very fast approval process.

Call us today to get started

High-risk payment processors: If you have questions about processing payments as a high-risk business, or about our services as a high-risk payment processor, don’t hesitate to call us. Our high-risk experts are expecting your call at (888) 253 9692. You can also contact us by email: [email protected]. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get you started with your payment processing ASAP.


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