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How to Delete and Close a Paypal Business Account?


If you are feeling uninterested in continuing your business, and you are thinking about how to delete your PayPal business account?

Some people don’t let their PayPal account close, which ends up taking up space on the server. Some try to delete theirs, but can’t find their way around it, and some hand over the accounts to their siblings or relatives. Closing your Paypal account is easier than you think. It’s almost the same as closing a personal account, probably just a slight difference.

Read this article from start to the bottom if you also wanna know “how do I close my PayPal account”

How To Delete And Close A Paypal Business Account

Note: This action cannot be reversed, so think about it before you decide to close your PayPal. There is no recovery!

Steps to how to delete my PayPal account

Step 1. Log In:

  • The first step to PayPal account closed is to log into your Paypal account.
  • Put in your account details and go to your profile.
  • Once you click on your profile, you will see a dropdown box of options you should choose from.

Step 2. The Profile Settings Menu: Once the drop-down box shows up, click on the profile settings menu, then go to a page, and by the left side of the page, you should see a few options like your business information, financial information, account settings, and selling tools.

  • Click on account settings.
  • Once you do that, a page will be displayed showing your account type.
  • Besides the account type on the far right, you will see a small highlighted(in blue) text displayed as a “close account.”
  • Click on it

Step 3. Verification: Once you click the “close account” button, you may get a prompt that requires you to verify your account using text or email.

  • This is to make Paypal sure that it’s you who’s closing the account.
  • This verification is ensured so any form of mistake can be avoided.
  • Once you’ve verified your account, then go to the close account page.

Step 4. Deletion: On this page, you will see a warning message telling you that the decision to close your account is final, both your account history and registration number will be lost. Note: This action is permanent and cannot be reversed, and just in case you change your mind, simply click the “cancel” button.

  • If you do click cancel, you will be taken back to your account page, and if you click continue, by then, you have successfully deleted your Paypal account.

As you can see, deleting your Paypal account is much easier than you think, but before you make that decision, please try to re-evaluate your decision.

How To Delete A Paypal Account

What Happens After You Close a PayPal Account?

Whenever you have shut your PayPal account, you can not get to it once more. Your exchange history with PayPal will be lost. Any neglected cash demands are consequently dropped. Future web-based installments can’t be made utilizing an erased PayPal account. You additionally lose unused recovery codes or coupons.


Hope now you know how I close my PayPal account. If you’re deleting it because you’re fed up, don’t decide too quickly, you might not like the outcome. Try to check what is not going well in your enterprise and see how you can get it fixed. Deleting should’ t be the first thing to consider. But if you have evaluated your decision or deleted it for a different reason, you should follow the steps shown above. Or if you need a Paypal merchant account then also you can connect with us.

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Q 1: Can the Same Email (from the Closed Account) be Used for a New PayPal Account?

Yes, if have successfully closed down a PayPal merchant account, the same email can be used by you to create a new account.

Q 2: What happens if I close my PayPal business account with money in it?

At the time of the closure, if you close your account with money, PayPal will cancel any pending transactions and you will forfeit any balances associated with the redemption codes, unless otherwise legally prohibited. Moreover, you should withdraw your balance before closing your account.

Q 3: How much does it cost to close a PayPal account?

While it may appear like the right idea to close down your account, please note there is no cost associated with keeping it open. You never know, one day you may decide to use PayPal again. Some users may select to close down their PayPal account. This is because they will not be using the account in the future.



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