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Setup a Paypal Merchant Account


Get ways to set up a PayPal Merchant Account. How to make a merchant account?

  • A PayPal merchant account setup is a process where you set up your account with a business website.
  • An account that is especially for business owners or entrepreneurs.
  • The account is fine-tuned to suit a business enterprise, and some features are created therein to make the business grow.
  • The account provides some properties, properties that a regular PayPal account doesn’t have, like no withdrawal limits, debit and credit card payments, and more.
  • Today, several firms make use of the PayPal merchant account, thanks to its business promoting feature.
  • It allows business entrepreneurs to connect with people not just in their area or country, but with every single Paypal user, which is approximately 295 million in number.

setup a paypal merchant

9 Steps to setup Your PayPal Merchant Account

Here Are Nine Easy Steps to Setup your Paypal Merchant Account

Step 1: Sign Up:

  • The first step you to take is signing up as a merchant on Paypal.
  • Go to Paypal’s homepage and click the sign-up button.
  • This should take you to a page where you have to specify if you want a personal or business account, pick a “business account.”
  • This should also take you to a page where you select a free or paid option.
  • Each has its features, and obviously, the paid option comes with a few extra features.
  • Click whichever you feel Ok with.
  • But the basic need here is online payment, and the free option has it.

Step 2: Personal Details:

Here, input your email, passwords, business contact info, phone number, etc. Once you’re done with all of that, click on, agree, and continue.

Step 3: Business Type and Category:

  • Here, you’ll have to click on which type of business you run.
  • You should see a drop-down list of options for you to choose from.
  • Choose the one closest to yours.

Step 4: Date of Establishment:

  • You will also be required to input the date you started your business.
  • Input the date and move on to the next option.

Step 5: Monthly Sales Estimate:

  • Here, click an estimate of how much sales you make monthly.
  • You will see a drop-down box, leaving you with different estimates.
  • Choose the one closest to yours.

Step 6: Website and Occupation:

This is where to specify if your business has a website or not. In the box, you have to input your website domain(if you have one), after which you will also be required to input your occupation.

Step 7: Welcome Tour:

  • This is optional, but I’ll strongly advise that you take the welcome tour.
  • It’ll help you to start on how you can make your merchant account look good.

Step 8: Business Setup:

  • Click tools, then business setup.
  • Go to the page where you can do several things like your payment and account setup.

Step 9: Account Setup:

  • Here, it’ll ask you to confirm your email address, add a bank account, create your business name, and more
  • With this, you have your account fully operational on PayPal.
  • Now, you can go ahead and read the terms and conditions that apply to payment, and you should also read a guide on how you can connect with customers.

To get to know about PayPal merchant account fees click on the link.

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