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Lottery Pools Merchant Account Secures your Lottery Pools


The lottery pool industry offers great benefits to European merchants. There’s no better feeling than hitting the jackpot and sharing the winnings with your loyal customers. However, starting up a lottery pool business can be quite difficult. One thing you will be unable to do without is a reliable credit card processing service. At 5 Star Processing, we can provide you with a Lottery Pools Merchant Account that will secure your business.

Lottery Pools Merchant Accounts

Contact 5 Star Processing to Get Your Business Merchant Account

5 Star Processing offers a customized online merchant account that will meet all the needs of your lottery pool business. To get started with us, you will have to fill out the application form. You may also use the live chat feature if there are questions you will like to ask about our services. A merchant account manager will be on hand to provide you with sufficient answers.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Most service providers will turn down the application of your lottery pool company as it will be deemed to be of high risk. Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to the provision of high-risk merchant accounts. Thanks to our strong partnership with the acquiring banks, our merchant account managers will find perfectly tailored solutions for your business. Our payment processing solutions will greatly increase your company’s growth and profitability.

Multi-Currency Processing

A merchant account from 5 Star Processing will enable you to receive payments in all major currencies. The currencies our system supports include the Euro, GBP, Canadian Dollar, and more. Also, our payment processing solutions will enable you to receive funds from major credit card service providers such as Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Reliable Payment Gateway

Once your application is approved, your account will be connected to the payment gateway of the acquiring bank. Every time a customer makes a transaction on your website, it will be redirected to the payment processing gateway of your bank.
Upon approval, the funds will be sent to your merchant account. This way, you will be protected from all kinds of fraud. Also, a smooth payment gateway integration will be done by your acquiring bank to ensure that you can run your business without worries.

High risk merchant account

Favorable Volume Caps

In the lottery pool business, huge amounts of money are deposited every month causing the processing volume to rise. But the majority of merchant accounts have laws that limit the sum they can receive monthly, this can easily become a problem.
A Lottery Pools Merchant Account from 5 Star Processing will offer you a volume cap that will be very favorable for your business. This means you get to earn as much as possible every month. We will go through our long list of acquiring bank partners to find an account that will provide for your business needs without limits.

Information Security for Lottery Pools Merchant Account

The digitization of the lottery pool business has allowed operators to protect their businesses from identity fraud. For the continued growth of your business, you need to secure the personal and monetary information of your clients. 5 Star Processing secure payment gateway will give you all the protection you need.


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