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Merchant Accounts for Website Design and Development


As more people across the globe gain access to the internet, so does the demand for expertly built websites increase. Today, everyone that sells a product or renders a service needs to own a website if they are to compete healthily.
But even with the rapid growth of the web design business, designers still find it difficult to run their businesses smoothly. The primary reason for this is that banks do not make credit card processing services readily available to web designers and developers. Merchant Accounts for website design & development credit card processing services are essential to web designers and developers as they enable them to receive credit and debit card payments safely and securely.
If you are a web developer in search of effective payment processing solutions, you will find great value in our services. Other payment processors will turn down your application because they consider your business to pose high risks. But at 5 Star Processing, we specialize in dealing with high-risk businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, we are your best bet to get a  website design merchant account.

merchant accounts for website design

Why Do Financial Institutions Consider Web Service Companies to Be High Risk?

If you have ever undergone a lengthy and yet unsuccessful underwriting process with an acquiring bank, you may have found it difficult to understand why your application was declined. Since the web service industry is stable and the demand is high, it is easy to believe that there are no significant risks in the business. Below are the major reasons why your business is deemed to be high risk. Know more about Merchant Accounts for Website Design & Development.

Big Ticket Sales

Web design and development services do not come cheap. The business requires clients to make huge payments to service providers. Major web service transactions are worth thousands of dollars. High fees like this make chargebacks very detrimental. Since there is no way to completely prevent chargebacks in online transactions, acquiring banks will be unwilling to underwrite such a business. In contrast, acquiring banks will be more willing to work with retail stores since the price of their average transaction is low.

The Difference between Transaction and Service Delivery Times

Another reason why payment processors are wary of web service companies is the time difference between billing and service delivery. Clients are usually required to make a payment before the job is completed. They either have to make a payment upfront or pay ongoing sums. Such transactions leave the door open for disputes as clients can easily claim to be unsatisfied with the service they received. Most times, this results in costly chargebacks.

5 Star Processing Is the One-Stop Solution to Your Payment Processing Needs

If you are in search of a premium website design merchant account, then you should look no further than 5 Star Processing. Our underwriting process is short and convenient. Once you submit all relevant documents to us, your merchant account will be ready for use in less than a week. As our client, you will enjoy live support from our customer service throughout the life of your account. We will also put in maximum effort to help your company combat chargebacks. Contact us to get a Merchant Accounts for Website Design & Development.


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