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Payment Processing for Web Design and Development Industry


Since plenty of sales are carried out every day across the internet, it’s only accurate to call it the largest marketplace the world has seen. Designers and engineers tasked with the development of websites are- crucial to practically every business. Firms need to consult with a specialized payment processor to begin accepting credit card payments online. The best merchant solution for most web design and development companies is a credit card payment gateway. If you need Payment Processing for Web Design & Development Industry read this.

Challenges involved in payment processing

However, traditional financial institutions like the bank are not particularly eager to collaborate with web design firms because the industry’s payment system is considered high-risk. They are usually encountered by plenty of credit card disputes and chargebacks which occur when customers report transaction errors. Banks and payment processors are not liable for chargebacks from unauthorized charges and the refund is made by the merchants. Too many of these transaction disputes can lead to the cancellation or restriction of merchant accounts.

Reasons For Chargebacks

There are several possible reasons for chargebacks including miscommunication, billing errors, and poor customer service. Sometimes, these issues can lead to non-payment. Merchants in the web design and development industry are required to safeguard their businesses from fraud and chargebacks. Also, it’s in their best interest to collaborate with an online payment processor that handles both old and new firms.

Merchants that can get underwriter approval are usually allowed to start processing card payments within 24 hours of launching their platform.


These underwriters are tasked with affirming the legal nature of businesses owned by applicants. They consider some factors before the firms can deploy credit card processors. These factors include bank statements, credit scores, card processing inventory, and chargeback history.

When underwriting goes through underwriting with High-Risk Payment Processors, company leaders can anticipate any issue by resolving all outstanding debts and some money for future plans. You would be greatly increasing your chances of getting approved by the payment processors. Also, you’ll reduce the likelihood of your accounts getting canceled by governing bodies.


As high-risk merchants, web design and development companies must properly record all their credit card charges to effectively manage chargebacks. Everything, down to dates, times, and transactions, has to be recorded. You can also decide to document the I.P address of customers in resolving chargeback disputes.

One other great practice for your web design firm is to maintain good communication with your payment processor. All your company’s correspondence (websites, receipts, bills, e-mails, etc.) must contain your business’s name, refund policies, and contact information. Doing this prevents any surprises on the part of customers when they receive their credit card statements. It is important to have a friendly and flexible customer support team to help them get their concerns resolved fast.

Best Option

For most web design companies, the best bet will be partnering with a dependable high-risk payment processor that specializes in handling issues concerning customers and financial institutions. We at 5 Star Processing give the best Payment Processing for Web Design & Development Industry. Contact us now.


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