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The Best Merchant Service Provider Company for Small Businesses


Starting and running a small business is both personally rewarding and potentially very profitable. And today, with so much more access to resources that can help to be a business owner, starting your own business is perhaps easier than it has ever been. Nonetheless, it is also something that comes with a lot of hard work. When you’re daydreaming about being your own boss, nobody tells you about the less fun or rewarding part of the business: fighting for sales, paying ridiculously high rent, paying even more taxes than ever before, figuring out all kinds of permits, and certificates.

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As A Small Business Owner, Do you Do This?

One of the most important things to figure out early on is how you’re going to process debit and credit card payments gateway. Most small businesses have a hard time getting a high risk merchant account and a payment gateway from a traditional bank because banks consider these small businesses high risk and want nothing to do with them.
So instead, many entrepreneurs start out with bootleg systems consisting of many mainstream and large merchant service provider company look-alikes like PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Stripe, and the like. While this can sometimes work for a little while, it is very expensive and comes with a lot of risks. Expensive because of the high fees these services charge – they will often eat away a big chunk of your profit margin, which is especially bad for small businesses that are more strapped for cash than bigger companies that have access to credit.
With all your other overheads, you don’t want to lose even more money just trying to process the payment from a sale. And risky because they can quickly shut you down and even freeze all your existing funds. That can easily end a business overnight. Many business owners have woken up to find that PayPal has closed their account for some unexplained reason, and all the money that’s in the account can’t be accessed until the issue is resolved – which can easily take weeks and even months. That can be a death sentence if you don’t have any other ways of generating cash flow.

Get Reliable Merchant Service Provider Company

Rather than wasting your time and energy on a bank that doesn’t really want to help you… Or exposing yourself to unnecessary risk with a service like PayPal… You need to find a merchant service provider companies that can work with you. Depending on your exact industry, you might even need one that can provide you with a high-risk merchant account. This will make it possible both for you and your customers to have a much better experience with payment processing.

5 Star Processing is the best solution for small businesses

At 5 Star Processing, we strongly believe that we are the best merchant service provider company for small businesses. Our company was started after the founding members had spent years at traditional banks, seeing how difficult it was for small businesses to get a payment gateway and a merchant account.
And even when an application would be approved, the fees that would come with it were always so ridiculously high that some of this business just had to cancel their applications. So today we fight for the small businesses and their ability to compete.
We want everyone to have a chance, regardless of whether your business is a garage, a restaurant, a plumbing company, or even a fantasy sports league. Everyone needs a merchant service provider company in their corner to help them process payments from customers. Not only do we strive to provide the best service possible every single day, which often means significantly faster approval rates than anywhere else in the market… We also provide the lowest fees. We can guarantee that you won’t get better fees and rates anywhere else.

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Get started today

Work with the best merchant service provider company – get in touch with us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have before even applying, and will guide you through everything you need to make a successful application for a merchant account. Contact us at (888) 253 9692 now, or drop us a line at [email protected].


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