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Travel Agency Merchant Account


Travel agency merchant account: Travel agencies are among the businesses hit the worst by the severe restrictions imposed worldwide due to the coronavirus. Even as we will see a gradual thawing and reopening of borders, international travel is expected to remain low due to the financial setbacks many businesses and individuals have been experiencing, and the remaining fear amongst some of the population. This makes it more difficult for a travel agency to obtain a travel agency merchant account, as the risk associated with the travel industry has soared since early 2020.

travel agency merchant account

Why travel agency merchant services are necessary?

However, travel was considered a high-risk industry even before the global panic of 2020. The main reason is that travel as a service is always sold before it is consumed, and often very long before. As with any transaction with a long time delay between full payment and the reception of goods and services paid for, it is a cause for various issues – mainly a change of heart and a credit card chargeback.

While all industries can experience chargebacks, travel agencies are exposed to a higher chargeback ratio than what is considered normal and tolerable. The level of “normal” however is very, very low, making even the best-run travel agencies stand out as high-risk enterprises. Because of this, getting a travel agent merchant services can be rather difficult. Traditional banks hardly ever give them out as they hate to take on any high-risk small businesses as clients.

Mainstream payment gateway providers like Stripe and PayPal typically follow the banks and have strict rules for which types of businesses they will let have an account with them. Even if you go around this by e.g. using a personal account at first, it will quickly get shut down once you get chargebacks or other issues. Not only will they shut down your “secret” Travel Agency merchant account, making it impossible to process credit card payments – they will also likely freeze all the funds you have in that account until further notice. Getting back that money can take weeks. Not only is that very frustrating, but for a travel agency that’s strapped for cash, it can even mean the end of the business.

How To Apply For an online travel agency merchant account?

The best solution for a travel agency is to get a high-risk merchant account from a good processor company. A high-risk travel agency merchant account will account for things like chargebacks and make it possible to continue processing credit card payments, and operate your business, even in spite of such issues. As with anything that is labeled high-risk, a high-risk travel agent’s merchant services will often come with high fees and set-up rates. This can be equally problematic for a small and medium-sized travel agencies, as it cuts heavily into the already reduced profit margin. This means that even when looking specifically at an online travel agency merchant account, you need to make sure you get the best solution.

online travel agency merchant account

5 Star Processing Provide Merchant Account At Lowest Rates

5 Star Processing company deals primarily with high-risk merchant account customers, and we can proudly say to be working with several travel agencies as customers already. We probably don’t know the travel industry as well as you do, but we do understand the kind of risks and problems that a travel agency experiences when it comes to credit card processing and collection of payments in general. We understand your travel agency merchant account needs.


Because our entire business is set up to provide high-risk merchant account services, we also have the lowest fees & rates in the industry. We can compete with any provider of merchant account services out there, and can help you not just save money, but also make it possible to scale your business profitably over time. Finally, we also provide a fast approval process, so that you can get started with processing credit card payments in your travel agency soonest possible.

Call Today For Low Processing Fees

We are ready to help you answer any questions you may have about opening a travel agency merchant account and processing credit card payments. Whether you still need to gather more information or are ready to start the no-commitment application process, Contact us today at (888) 253 9692 or send us an email to [email protected]. Our qualified staff is ready to assist you.


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